The Transformation Story Of This Sad Eyed Kitty Will Warm Your Heart

Meet Mami, the cat with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen. We would like to tell you that it’s just her expression, and nothing more, but this poor kitty actually has a sad backstory. She was found huddled in a dumpster with her mother and siblings on a cold winter day. Luckily, though, Mami and her family were taken in by a rescue to provide them with a better life. Enter scene Sinead Brooks and her then-boyfriend (now husband) Riley. This couple from San Fransisco was living in an apartment that didn’t allow pets at that time, but Sinead just couldn’t bear to see Mami so sad. She said:

This Cute Black Cat Finally Found A Forever Home After Five Years Of Waiting

Bailey was a shelter cat. The poor cat was not only a senior cat but also a black one which lowered his chances of getting adopted significantly. So, it was terribly hard for her to find a loving home that’s willing to take care of her.

This Cat Is So Cute That It Managed To Convert A ‘Dog Person’ Into A Cat Dad

The man in this story, R.J. LaCount, always thought of himself as a ‘dog person’. But this situation changed when he met this charming rescue cat! Since he was a very big animal lover, R.J. grew up surrounded by dogs. When a friend of his showed him a photo of a cat, he started to think about adopting one.

This Charming Kitten’s Fur Is Changing Color

This gorgeous kitten named Janie was found all alone on a hot sidewalk when she was not even a day old. When she was brought to Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue, they exactly knew how to take care of the kitten. According to their founder, Mellissa, “The people who found this poor kitten told me that she was screaming at the top of her tiny lungs. As she was left in the full sun, there were some pretty bad burns on her back paws.”

These Super Fluffy Rescued Kittens Are Helping The Organization That Saved Them Before Starting Their New Lives

Life was not always easy for these two adorable fluffballs. Thanks to an animal rescue organization in Arizona, however, they turned out to be these gorgeous furbabies. These neonatal kittens were found on the streets and brought to a safe environment. While we’re happy about the fact that they were saved, it would be much better if there were no poor cats living on the streets.

The Only Survivor Amongst A Litter Of Four Kittens Is On The Path To Recovery At Montana Animal Clinic

These stories are truly heartbreaking but once again, a family of four kittens was abandoned on the side of the road in a cardboard box. They were found in Helena, Montana, but by the time they were found, it was already too late for some of the kittens. Three out of four kittens ended up dying.

This Poor Havana Cat Rescued By A Shelter Had Been Mistreated Badly For Years

This cat’s story began when a group of cats was rescued and taken to Five Acres Animal Shelter in Missouri a year ago. The staff there were more than surprised when they found out this cat is actually a rare breed called the Havana Brown.

Even Though He Looks Like He Is Always Judging You, You Will Love This Adorable Cat Named Marley

This is Marley. He is a 13-year-old tabby cat and because of his unique facial expression he always seems...less than impressed with your poor life choices, so to say. 

Stray Cat With A Unique Face Manages To Win Her Rescuer’s Heart And She Will Win Yours Too

This truly unique looking kitten was found at a construction site by a woman. When she was found, she begged the woman to keep her, and she couldn’t bring herself to leave the kitty behind. That’s how this kitty became Lily The Rorschach Cat!

These Rescue Kittens Give Each Other Emotional Support After Being Left Behind

These two adorable kittens have never left each other alone since they were rescued, and they’ve grown up to be gorgeous cats together.

This Man Found The True Love On A Cat Facebook Page And His Story Will Warm Your Heart

While many people are using dating apps, the man in this story has managed to find the woman of his dreams via a Facebook page for cat lovers. He even traveled 4,000 miles just to meet her in person! If you want to read about an amazing love story today, keep on reading our article.

This Special Cat Who Is Diagnosed With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally Finds A Forever Home

The American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated that in the U.S., 3.2 million cats are brought to animal shelters every year. Unfortunately, out of this 3.2 million, roughly 860,000 never find forever homes and are euthanized. Luckily, these two special kitties named Toby and Quinton were adopted by Georgina Price and her fiance Christopher Lardner. The couple had a rescue cat named Herbie before, but unfortunately, he passed away when he was 16, and the couple wanted to adopt another cat since their house in Stroud, England was feeling empty without their precious Herbie.

This Senior Kitty Finally Found A Forever Home And We Are So Happy For Him

While it is understandable why most people usually consider adopting a kitten or a puppy when they want to get a pet, it’s totally tragic when you see lots of older animals are being put to death since they cannot find loving families, or at least have to spend the rest of their times at the animal shelters. This is particularly the case for senior cats, serene and patient in their old age they usually desire a little more than snuggles and cuddles and all the love you should offer a pet that needs you. This was also the case for this 15-year-old “scrawny” cat who found his way to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage, where the staff was quick to realize his persistent longing for affection.

Lost Cat Found After Spending 14 Months In Pet Food Factory

This adorable two-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat named Clive went missing in 2014 which left his owners devastated, naturally. He returned home 14 months later, and his owners were very surprised to find out he had spent those 14 months snacking and chilling at a nearby pet food factory! The couple, Tanya and Jonathan Irons who also have a 2-year-old daughter named Elizabeth put up posters around their neighborhood just to find their beloved Clive. They also tried posting on Facebook, but all their efforts were in vain. When the staff working at the pet food factory started to realize some snacks were going missing, and some mysterious dropping around the factory, they decided to set up a trap to find the culprit and that was when they managed to catch Clive. They took the naughty cat to his owners and Clive reunited with his family again.

This Old Man Who Has Dementia Was Given A Robotic Cat By His Family Since A Real One Wasn’t An Option

Cheryl Yates is a woman from Ontario, Canada, who has an 88-year-old father that is suffering from dementia. Since Cheryl wanted to help her dad, she decided to join forces with her family to find a way to do so. Her father Bob is unfortunately at the last stages of dementia. He is a true cat lover and he has always had a fondness for cats throughout his entire life. He took care of nine cats before. At one stage of dementia, he started to ask for his cats very frequently. Since he is restricted to a hospital bed, it’s not possible for him to take care of a real cat.

Lucky Girl Came Across Her Long-Lost Childhood Cat While Volunteering At An Animal Shelter

This is the story of Hannah Rountree. Hannah was 12 years old when her cat named Spunky got lost. When Hannah went on vacation with her family, their beloved black and white cat found a way to run away from the house. They searched for him everywhere and tried anything to find him, but the cat didn’t come back. As you would expect, Hannah was very sad about the whole thing, but Spunky inspired her love for animals. When she became a teenager, she decided to volunteer at her local animal shelter. When now 15-year-old Hannah arrived for her second shift at Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, there was no way for her to know what was going to happen! Hannah saw a black and white cat at the center and felt an immediate connection with the animal. The cat had been recently brought to the center and was being kept in the shelter’s catio. There were many other similar looking cats, but Hannah felt like this one was special.

This Ginger Cat Loves School Way More Than You Do And His Photos Will Brighten Your Mood

This cat you see is not your regular house cat. He loves school and he never misses his classes! Actually, he even has his own student body card now, and he has become the official campus cat at Leland High School in San Jose, California.

This Cute Cat Finds A Kitten In The Bushes And Becomes Her Foster Parent

Nelly, Gilbert, and Nala are three adorable kitties who are living with their humans in Copenhagen, the most crowded city and the capital of Denmark. Even though their mothers were all different, they consider themselves sisters and brothers of a family. They are very fond of each other.

These Adorable Kittens Thank The Police Officer Who Rescued Them In Their Own Sweet Way And It’s Going To Make You Cry

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals (ASPCA), there are approximately at least 70 million stray cats living in the United States only. Even though a lot of those cats are being found and taken to animal shelters, there are still too many suffering in the streets, waiting to be rescued. We know that adopting a new feline friend from an animal shelter is one of the best ways to get a pet, but it’s not the only way available if you want a cat. Take these two kittens, for example. They were rescued off of the street in the most bizarre circumstance, and we can’t be happier about it.

This Cute Stray Kitten Fell Asleep When She Made Sure She Was In A Safe Environment

This young truck driver named Matt noticed something strange beside the road and found out it was a tiny helpless kitty. “I came across this lady in the middle of a busy street so I stopped and picked her up,” he wrote. “She could barely walk in the street in an area that was surrounded by nothing except for woods, so she was either born there, and the mother wasn’t able to carry all her babies, or someone just left her to die.” He felt an instant connection with the adorable kitten “This stray cat was snoring as loud as a train!” Matt wrote about the tiny baby. He wanted to make sure she is okay. “I brought her to the vet the next day to get rid of all of the fleas and when I did that, she immediately fell asleep in the truck. I couldn’t bring myself to wake up when I got home so I just sat there in complete silence with the radio off for about an hour until she finally woke up.”

This Cute Stray Kitty Entered This Man’s Home While Trying To Find Shelter During A Polar Vortex

The winter was very harsh in North America this year. It came earlier than expected, disappeared briefly, and then came back again with brutal force this time. This man named Nathaniel Styer was working from home in February when he looked out his window and saw a snowstorm crushing down a powerful burst of wind and heavy snowfall. The fierce storm was brought on by the polar vortex, known as a “snow squall”, and it had begun to cover his Brooklyn neighborhood in white. Nathaniel’s apartment was warm and safe, however, and he was feeling grateful for that while he was inside, minding his own business. Suddenly, though, he noticed something in this terrible blizzard when he was looking out the window.

This Stray Cat Has A Brilliant Career At A Law Firm Now

Stray cats and dogs are a global problem that we can’t deny. According to some reports, there are approximately 100 million feral cats in the world, and more than 60 million of them can be found in the U.S. Their ecological impact is quite big, however, most of them are just trying to survive and find themselves loving homes. One of such cats was the cat in this story, Leon, from Brasilia, Brazil. This cutie, however, infiltrated the Order of Attorneys of Brazil building one day and won the hearts of everyone there. But some people started to complain about his presence and the law firm came up with a very unusual solution: They hired Leon as a lawyer!

What This 14-Year-Old Boy Did To Save This Cat Will Bring You To Your Tears

This unbelievable event happened when Erin Brown was driving on a highway, taking her son Gavin to a birthday party. There was another car in front of them, and Erin saw someone opened the window and threw a cat out of the car. As she was shocked, she screamed and stopped the car immediately. When she stopped the car, Gavin ran out of the car and signaled incoming traffic to stop so he could get to the cat and save it.

This Internet Famous Cat's Remains Will Be Sent To Space

This fluffy internet sensation named Lil Bub left our world while she was peacefully sleeping on December 1st and her death left many of her fans teary-eyed. Her unique appearance and life story was an inspiration to millions of people from all around the globe, so the news of her passing away was very heartbreaking and tragic. Lil Bub's family managed to find a way so that the adorable cat can watch over her fans and cats in need of this world from space and she always was a little angel, the idea sounds perfect for her!

This Couple Adopted A 33 Pound Cat And They Are Now Helping Him With His Weight Loss Journey

Mark Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman started their own business to produce various pieces of furniture for indoor cats to promote activity in them so they don't lay around and be lazy all day long. Even though they already had two cats to help them test their products, one day they decided to adopt another cat so they visited the Humane Society. When they went there, they immediately felt a connection with this giant cat named Bronson, but since the Humane Society was very busy on that particular day, they couldn't get the chance to see him in person. When they went back to the Humane Society the following day, a member of the staff told them that all they knew about Bronson's past was the fact that his owner passed away. However, since the cat clearly has a weight problem, they think his late owner fed him a lot of table scraps. The cat being overweight had no negative impact on the couple, though, since Bronson was very friendly and adorable, and once they petted him, they couldn't wait to bring him home. The couple also found out that he has very unique features such as his extra fingers or his paws that oddly resemble their home state of Michigan. After taking him home, the couple immediately took Bronson to the vet. They learned that obese cats such as Bronson need to lose weight slowly or else they can get fatty liver disease which is extremely fatal. The couple had to change Bronson's diet three times since they adopted him but finally managed to find the perfect diet for him. His diet now consists of the dry food that the shelter had him on and some grain-free wet food. Along with his diet, the couple also had to change his exercise routine a couple of times. Bronson now has an Instagram page to showcase his incredible weight loss journey and he managed to get more than 13,000 followers in only two weeks! His followers are supporting him in his journey and giving him some advice along the way. Check out the gallery below to see more of this gentle giant!

This Teenager's Prom Partner Was His Cat And Their Photos Together Are Absolutely Adorable

Senior prom is thought to be the pinnacle of high school and a very important night for many students since it gives them the opportunity of looking and being ‘extra’ while celebrating the near-end of their teenage period before being thrust into college and/or the real world. You see a lot of pictures and videos from teenagers that are willing to show how much fun prom can be, and some of them really melt your heart while others put a smile on your face since they are absolutely hilarious. Even though proms are fun, finding a date for the prom can be a very hard and painful experience that may end up in heartbreak, groups of friends going together to the prom, or some other amusing things such as the story we're going to tell you about here. This student named Sam Steingard was ready for his prom but he didn't have a date. He couldn't find one either. This might be heartbreaking for many people, but Sam isn't one of those people. Sam had a Plan B and it was the most perfect Plan B ever!

This Woman Rescued A Wild Bobcat Thinking It Was A House Cat

This poor woman whose name we don't know from Richmond, VA, USA turned to Craigslist in an effort to find the owner of what she thought was a chubby, lost cat. She wasn't prepared for what she learned about this cat, however, and the situation was way more dangerous than she could have ever guessed. She found this cat outside in her garden, screaming at the top of its lungs. She wanted to help the cat with the best intentions in her mind, so she took the animal inside her house and fed him. She then took his pictures and went on to Craigslist, made a post about this cat she found who is too big to be a stray or feral cat. And the cat was also very mean too! She later stated that since she wasn't from American, she has never seen a bobcat before, but what she did was a very dangerous move, nevertheless!

This Cute Stray Cat's New Home Is A Classroom

We absolutely love all cats regardless of their colors, sizes, or shapes, but we have to admit there is something very unique about ginger cats, and if you happen to own one, you probably know what we are talking about. They are just super chill and they always stand out in a crowd! One of such adorable and unique ginger cats is the cat in this story, Tombi. This cute kitty just casually walked into a classroom one day and decided that these third-graders needed him, so he just decided to stay with the students who were very excited about this situation and became the school's cat, basically! Tombi was very cool about this whole situation when he entered the classroom ( we aren't surprised, this is all because he is a ginger cat!). Read on if you want to know how Tombi touched the lives of these children and teachers.

According To Research, Losing Your Cat Is Just As Depressing As Losing A Family Member

You've probably seen people mourning after their deceased pets as intensely as they do after the loss of a family member. It's becoming a more and more common thing, yet there still are people thinking these pet owners are kind of overreacting when it comes to dealing with the loss of their pets. But according to this research, the loss of a cat is just as depressing and devastating as the loss of a family member, and if you are one of those people that judge others based on how they mourn after their cats, you should consider your behavior again. When this UK writer named Lee Kynaston compared his feelings after the loss of his dad to the loss of his cat, he felt very guilty at first since he realized he suffered just as much when he lost his cat, Dave. He thought people would call him 'heartless' or a 'loony' because of his feelings. Research indicates that the death of a beloved family pet is an equally devasting experience as the loss of a human loved one. Yet still, the idea of having a funeral for a cat is ridiculous to most of us, and we're expected to return to work right after we lose our pets. Our furry friends spend their entire time with us when we are experiencing hard times in our lives, or having joyful moments. Of course, at times we may find them annoying but we love them very much regardless of those, and we always value their companionship. So, you shouldn't feel bad at all when you find yourself devastated and heartbroken over the death of your feline friend.

This Family Practitioner Has The Most Awesome Office You've Ever Seen, And You Will Want To Be One Of His Patients After Seeing It

We are guessing nobody would describe going to the doctor's office as a particularly fun experience. Most of their offices even look almost exactly the same, even. You see that the decorations are mundane, and easy on the eyes yet minimalistic. However, it doesn't really have to be that way, and apparently, we are not alone in thinking so since this doctor seems to be determined to break the rules. Powers Family Medicine in Farmington Hills, MI has managed to make a drastic change when it comes to the experience of family health care, and even though what they did is absolutely incredible, the road to get there wasn't so smooth, to say the least. Their journey to success had a lot of heartbreaks and other unpleasant experiences, but it's paved the way for a new kind of healing experience that we definitely need to talk about!