This Couple Adopted A 33 Pound Cat And They Are Now Helping Him With His Weight Loss Journey

Mark Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman started their own business to produce various pieces of furniture for indoor cats to promote activity in them so they don't lay around and be lazy all day long. Even though they already had two cats to help them test their products, one day they decided to adopt another cat so they visited the Humane Society. When they went there, they immediately felt a connection with this giant cat named Bronson, but since the Humane Society was very busy on that particular day, they couldn't get the chance to see him in person. When they went back to the Humane Society the following day, a member of the staff told them that all they knew about Bronson's past was the fact that his owner passed away. However, since the cat clearly has a weight problem, they think his late owner fed him a lot of table scraps. The cat being overweight had no negative impact on the couple, though, since Bronson was very friendly and adorable, and once they petted him, they couldn't wait to bring him home. The couple also found out that he has very unique features such as his extra fingers or his paws that oddly resemble their home state of Michigan. After taking him home, the couple immediately took Bronson to the vet. They learned that obese cats such as Bronson need to lose weight slowly or else they can get fatty liver disease which is extremely fatal. The couple had to change Bronson's diet three times since they adopted him but finally managed to find the perfect diet for him. His diet now consists of the dry food that the shelter had him on and some grain-free wet food. Along with his diet, the couple also had to change his exercise routine a couple of times. Bronson now has an Instagram page to showcase his incredible weight loss journey and he managed to get more than 13,000 followers in only two weeks! His followers are supporting him in his journey and giving him some advice along the way. Check out the gallery below to see more of this gentle giant!

1- Say hello to Bronson, the super plump cat with extra thumbs!

2-His owners Mike and Megan decided to adopt him one day when they visited the Humane Society.

3-"When we walked in, we felt an instant connection with this chonker named Bronson."

4- They wanted to adopt him and help him with his weight loss journey.

5- All they knew about his backstoy was that his previous owner had passed away.

6- The adorable cat was only 3 years old but he weighed 33 pounds!

7-"His weight never affected us in a negative way, we immediately loved him. I smiled so much that my cheeks started to hurt after a while."

8- When the couple brought him to their home, Bronson was so happy to have a big place almost all to himself.

9- He was brought to the vet and proved himself there as a ladies man!

10-The couple was told Bronson had to lose weight slowly.

11- "We had to adjust Bronson's diet three times before, but we think we finally managed to find the perfect diet plan for his weight loss."

12-"He is now eating 375 calories per day. Half of them are from the dry food and the other half is from the grain-free wet food."

13- Bronson also has an exercise routine.

14-"For now, his exercise routine is made up of moving his food bowl around the room to encourage walking and still playing with toys when he's laying down."

15- "He loves his catnip filled tomato toy, and you can see him attacking, biting,and kicking that toy with his back feet."

16- Bronson now also has his own Instagram account!

17- At first, carrying Bronson around was a huge problem for the couple.

18- "We are now carrying him using a pillow and it is a great way to get him out to our living room without making him terribly uncomfortable."

19- "Bronson has a lot of adorable qualities, if you ask us. For example, he always sleeps with a pillow!"

20- "He loves sleeping in our bed too and we usually split the bed into thirds."

21-"We are aiming to make him lose one pound every month and he's currently down 1.6 pounds, so we can say his weight loss journey is going pretty fine," his owner Mike stated.

22- "He can't test the furniture up on the wall like our other cats, but we believe he'll get there one day."