This Family Practitioner Has The Most Awesome Office You've Ever Seen, And You Will Want To Be One Of His Patients After Seeing It

We are guessing nobody would describe going to the doctor's office as a particularly fun experience. Most of their offices even look almost exactly the same, even. You see that the decorations are mundane, and easy on the eyes yet minimalistic. However, it doesn't really have to be that way, and apparently, we are not alone in thinking so since this doctor seems to be determined to break the rules. Powers Family Medicine in Farmington Hills, MI has managed to make a drastic change when it comes to the experience of family health care, and even though what they did is absolutely incredible, the road to get there wasn't so smooth, to say the least. Their journey to success had a lot of heartbreaks and other unpleasant experiences, but it's paved the way for a new kind of healing experience that we definitely need to talk about!

1-Here in this photo, you see Dr. William Powers with Hyperion, one of the resident therapy cats. According to the doctor, when he first opened up about his plans to his family and friends, they weren't very supportive of him. He said, "I told some of my colleagues that I planned to launch that would have therapy cats and video games and they told me this wouldn't end well as people want to see a tidy and clean place for medical care."

2-What they didn't know, though, was the fact that Dr. Powers had his own good reasons to be willing to make things differently. He stated, "In 2017, two of my cats who I had raised from kittens had become Guinness World Record Title holders. One of them was the tallest cat to ever live and the other had the longest tail on a cat ever. I had customized a diet for them thinking it would be the best diet for a feline species. This special diet was highly synthetic and it wasn't natural at all, but I'm very into science and evidence-based things, and I'm pretty sure that was why they ended up as giants."

3-"I was happy with the attention they were getting and we were booking TV shows, and charity events, as I was president of the Ferndale Cat Shelter at that time, and thanks to the popularity of my cats, we managed to raise money to help Detroit rescue and street cats."

4-But then something terrible happened: "On November 12th, 2017, my wife, who is also a doctor, by the way, left in the morning to visit the hospital. Roughly an hour later, I woke up to smoke alarms only to see my house was burning. I looked for the cats and tried to open escape paths for them until I finally passed out from the smoke. I managed to make it to the basement and some people reached out to rescue me. Unfortunately, though, we lost our cats with the house."

5-"I was absolutely devastated and it took me about a year to recover from this disaster. When I felt like I could go back to work, I decided to make changes in my life. I spent my 20s studying to become a doctor, and it almost ruined me. I realized that being happy and enjoying my life was way more important, and so I decided to start my own family practice clinic, Powers Family Medicine."

6-So did he get sad when his friends didn't support his idea? "I decided to do what I had in mind anyway and rented a small office near the ruins of my old home. My business has been very successful, and we are now the #1 patient-rated family practice in our state."

7-If you have concerns about cats in a doctor's office fear not, Dr. Powers says, "Our therapy cats are all exotic hybrids who lack the Fel D1 gene in their saliva, so you're safe even if you have serious cat allergies."

8-He went on: "We recently had a patient with a really serious case of cat allergies in the office. She managed to pet Polaris and started to cry as she really loves cats but wasn't able to pet one for nearly 30 years."

9-"We have special prism film on the windows so it looks like we have rainbows inside when it's sunny out."

10-Dr. Powers also stated: "The cats aren't allowed in sterile areas, but otherwise, they can explore just about anywhere in the office. Of course, they are vaccinated and totally free of zoonotic infections."

11-"We have a special clinic that welcomes everyone."

12-"We are open to the LGBT+ community, we also have a lot of alt/kink/BDSM, commercial sex workers, polyamorous patients, HIV+ patients, and other people that are having a hard time opening up to their doctors."

13-"You are allowed to check in using only your initials at our clinic. Then we are giving you a nickname after a cartoon character, so you know it's your turn when we say that name. We really do care about your privacy."

14-"This is the panoramic view of our lobby, and we have a big screen TV that offers multiple streaming services along with SNES Classic."

15-"There are nano leaf light panels that are surrounding the nurses' station and they have an animated rainbow pattern. We also have patients that are coming from middle-class families, and as we stated before, we are open to everyone! Just give us true information about yourselves and we are more than willing to help you as best as we can."

16-Dr. Powers says that his success is a surprise even to him: "I was thinking it would take years for me to be this successful, 5-7 years at the very least. We've only active for 6 months, and as of today, we are completely full. We have more than 1000 patients in the practice, and we have a waiting list for people that want to transfer their care to us. I want to expand the office to help more patients, but that has to wait for now."

17-Among all other things, every exam room also has SNES to entertain patients while they are waiting. Cats aren't overworked either, as each of them has different work days and they all have resting places so they can enjoy themselves when they get tired.

18-Among all other things, every exam room also has SNES to entertain patients while they are waiting. Cats aren't overworked either, as each of them has different work days and they all have resting places so they can enjoy themselves when they get tired.

19-"We also accept Bitcoin in our clinic!"

20-"This is our chalkboard and the patients are allowed to draw anything on it."

21-"We have a lot of chargers in the lobby and the exam rooms."

22-These are the Guinness World Record certificates for the deceased cats of Dr. Powers on the wall.

23-It's possible to see a cat welcoming you in every exam room.

24-The clinic is full of very unique and interesting things such as this Anatomy of Mario drawing on the wall.

25-And these are the x-rays of some game consoles and gaming controllers!

26- Dr. Powers says all the staff including himself are using gaming laptops as their work computers!

27-This photo is from Exam Room 2. Don't you think it's lovely?

28-You can see video game-related decorations almost everywhere!

29-Each of the cats is working on different days of the week.

30-Dr. Powers plays video games too, when he finally finds some time to do so!

31-Dr. Powers is also grateful for the wonderful staff he has.

32-Even though they are full at the moment, Powers Family Medicine has a waiting list.

33- You can find more details about this awesome office and the services Dr. Powers has to offer on the Facebook page of Powers Family Medicine.