This Man Found The True Love On A Cat Facebook Page And His Story Will Warm Your Heart

While many people are using dating apps, the man in this story has managed to find the woman of his dreams via a Facebook page for cat lovers. He even traveled 4,000 miles just to meet her in person! If you want to read about an amazing love story today, keep on reading our article.

This 28-year-old guy named Adam Lawrence from the UK posted a photo of himself on the Facebook page with his friend’s cat, Doggy. The cute photo ended up receiving more than 6,500 likes and 150 comments and one of those comments belonged to 25-year-old Anna Hosey, a gorgeous, blonde, fellow cat lover all the way from America.

Since Anna found both the cat and Adam adorable, she wanted to comment on the photo to let them know.

After that, Adam sent a private message to Anna, and the two began chatting every day which eventually turned into Face-time sessions.

Shortly after they started to talk on a daily basis, Adam decided to book a flight to the US to finally meet Anna in person!

It was a very risky move, but luckily it paid off, and Anna was very eager to see Adam as well.

“I never thought of myself as a person who would take a 4,000-mile trip to meet someone they saw on the internet, but I’m happy I took this risk,” said Adam.

“It was the first time I ever posted in that cat group, but I’m absolutely a cat lover, and when I saw my friend’s little furball I couldn’t resist,” he added. “Anna then commented, saying, ‘You guys are both adorable,’ and after checking out her profile, I thought, ‘I’ll just send her a message.”

“We started to chat on Facebook every day and the conversation was going really well. After two weeks, she invited me to the States to meet her in person.”

“I don’t think she was actually thinking that I would visit her, so I did as I thought, ‘What have I got to lose?’ I asked myself, ‘If it goes wrong, at least I am ticking another country off the list.’ Luckily, though, I had an amazing time and it was like we had known each other forever. I really want to show Anna all the things that make London, London.”

Anna added, “I was a bit cautious at first but I’m glad I managed to take a small risk because we really had a wonderful time together. The whole thing has been like a dream, and it wasn’t awkward even when I got to the airport to pick him up.”

“I was kind of worried on the way but as soon as he got in the car my worries were all gone; it is insane how we are so in tune with each other. We are both cat lovers, we love the same type of music, and we are both adventurous,” said Anna.

“He got to meet with my parents, friends, and of course, my cat, Kidden, and they all really loved him. My friends were very surprised to see I managed to find someone who is as talkative and spontaneous as myself.”

We are wishing this lovely couple the best of luck!