This Cute Cat Finds A Kitten In The Bushes And Becomes Her Foster Parent

Nelly, Gilbert, and Nala are three adorable kitties who are living with their humans in Copenhagen, the most crowded city and the capital of Denmark. Even though their mothers were all different, they consider themselves sisters and brothers of a family. They are very fond of each other.

Initially they were just two cats living in the same household: Gilbert and his sister Nelly. After that, Nala joined them. It all started when Gilbert was out on a walk with his owner one day. When they were happily walking together, Gilbert found a tiny lost kitten in the bushes.

They waited to see if they could find its owner, but when no one showed up they decided to bring the kitten home with them. Gilbert and his human decided to call the kitten Nala. Gilbert is a truly wonderful big brother, so he does everything he can to make Nala feel happy and comfortable at her new home.

At first, however, Nelly didn’t like their new member. Nelly was not really a friendly cat, to be honest. Nala was also tough in her own way too, though, so she never gave up trying to become friends with Nelly. And to everyone’s surprise, it did happen one day, and they managed to become friends.

Nelly wasn’t really fond of Nala before, to say the least, but now they are absolutely crazy about each other! The three cats are basically inseparable. They feel so happy and lucky to be together, and find themselves a perfect family.

You can find a video of them below:

If you want to see more of them, they also have an Instagram page.