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The Bittersweet Story Of this Cat Grieving After His Brother Will Warm Your Heart

Animals also mourn after their family members just like humans do. This was the case for this sweet kitty named Harley as well. These ginger brothers named Harley and Davidson were adopted by the same family and they were always together in their entire lives.

This Unique Looking Playful Cat Named Ikiru Will Win Your Heart

To be perfectly honest, words cannot describe how charming this little guy named Ikiru is! He has 124k followers on Instagram, and we’re sure that you’re going to be one of his fans too after seeing his photos. He is cross-eyed and he has a tiny pink tongue which makes him all the more adorable! His owners saw him on a breeder’s website and they immediately fell in love with his cute face! Once they made Ikiru a part of their family, Emma and Rich decided to start an Instagram page for this cute fella to showcase his daily life to the people of the internet.

This Cat Loves The Beach So Much That She Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Visited One

The photos of this adorable kitty were shared by a woman named Semsema Mahmoud on a group named Travel Secrets Club on Facebook. She wasn’t expecting to see a cat when she visited a beach very recently, but she was pleasantly surprised when she saw this furball enjoying her life at the beach!

This Famous Hollywood Actress Loves To Stroll Her Cat

Some cat owners are willing to go above and beyond to make sure their cats are having their best life

These Kittens Have Very Human-Like Faces And They Are Definitely So Unique

Meet this fluffy Maine Coon cat named Valkyrie. When she went viral in the summer of 2018 due to her unique facial features, she was the only kitten with a human face that we knew of, but now she is not the only human-faced cat in her home!

The Transformation Story Of This Sad Eyed Kitty Will Warm Your Heart

Meet Mami, the cat with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen. We would like to tell you that it’s just her expression, and nothing more, but this poor kitty actually has a sad backstory. She was found huddled in a dumpster with her mother and siblings on a cold winter day. Luckily, though, Mami and her family were taken in by a rescue to provide them with a better life. Enter scene Sinead Brooks and her then-boyfriend (now husband) Riley. This couple from San Fransisco was living in an apartment that didn’t allow pets at that time, but Sinead just couldn’t bear to see Mami so sad. She said:

This Cute Black Cat Finally Found A Forever Home After Five Years Of Waiting

Bailey was a shelter cat. The poor cat was not only a senior cat but also a black one which lowered his chances of getting adopted significantly. So, it was terribly hard for her to find a loving home that’s willing to take care of her.

The Photos Of These Cats Who Became Regulars At Small Shops Are Absolutely Hilarious

These cats look like they really love walking through the aisles of these convenience stores! Moreover, they do that with such self-confidence that you would think they owned the place! These photos were shared by Bodega Cats, and we guarantee that they are going to brighten your mood today. Scroll down to enjoy the rest of our list!

You Will Fall In Love With The Pictures Of These Cats’ Growing Up

It’s hard to notice how much your cat has changed and how much it has grown up since they grow up with you as a part of your family. Some cat owners, however, took pictures of their cats while they were just a tiny baby, and then when they turned into fluffy cats and the results are mindblowing. Here in this gallery, we are going to give you 10+ examples of cats and their amazing transformations while they’re growing up. You will adore these fluffy furbabies, we promise. Scroll down to enjoy their photos!

This Gallery Will Give You A Glimpse Into A Cat’s Life

Meet Maine Coon Cats, The Gentle Giants Of Our Planet

There are lots and lots of cat breeds in this world, and each of them has its own unique features. But Maine Coons manage to stand out even more compared to other domestic cats, we might say. Do you want to know why? Then check our list out for more information on these majestic creatures!

This Cat Is So Cute That It Managed To Convert A ‘Dog Person’ Into A Cat Dad

The man in this story, R.J. LaCount, always thought of himself as a ‘dog person’. But this situation changed when he met this charming rescue cat! Since he was a very big animal lover, R.J. grew up surrounded by dogs. When a friend of his showed him a photo of a cat, he started to think about adopting one.