This Gallery Will Give You A Glimpse Into A Cat’s Life

Don’t expect your cat to be embarrassed about the troubles they caused you. They would probably end up sleeping in the middle of your speech if you tried to scold them.

Even though they may look cool and independent, they miss you when you’re not around

Breakfast time is very important for them, so make sure they have their food every morning between 3 am- 5 am.

Your grocery shopping interests them just as much as it interests you, and this is the result when they smell a meat product like roast beef

They love warm places

They love nibbles every now and then. It’s just kind of a painful way to show you their love

Sometimes they just want to spend more time with you at home, so they try everything to keep you home!

Be prepared for their cute stealth attacks

Regardless of their size, they want their voices to be heard!

You should be really careful with your laptop when it’s around your cat.

They love having their relaxing time anytime anywhere

When your owners tell you that they’re going on vacation and you are not going to be with them

They have their own favorite toy just like humans do

Even though they’re mostly elegant and classy, they can act super goofy sometimes

They look absolutely hilarious when they wear matching outfits with you

They are the most adorable creatures on earth when you wrap them into a kitty burrito like this

Your plastic bags can turn into amusement park attractions for them

Cats are great when it comes to camouflaging and hiding, so you should always be careful!

Having two cats only means double the fun!

They are actually pretty chill animals when you take proper care of them