This Cat Loves The Beach So Much That She Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Visited One

The photos of this adorable kitty were shared by a woman named Semsema Mahmoud on a group named Travel Secrets Club on Facebook. She wasn’t expecting to see a cat when she visited a beach very recently, but she was pleasantly surprised when she saw this furball enjoying her life at the beach!

The cat was looking so happy that Semsema wanted to meet her. When she had a chat with the cat’s owners, she learned that it was her first trip to a beach.

You can see how happy she was about her trip from the big smile on her face!

She spent her time playing in the sand…

...and then started to rest in her beach chair.

She definitely loves the beach and she wants everyone to see how happy she is! The adorable kitty must be so exhausted when she comes back home after her trip. She probably has dreams about her next beach trip where she can play in the sand again. However, this cat wasn’t the only cat who has a thing for the beach.

After seeing the photos of this cute tabby, people started to search for cats chilling on the beach and that was when they discovered #beachcat and all the adorable pictures of cats under this hashtag. Look at this gorgeous photo of this cat here!

Cats and beaches are definitely a good combo as you can see.

This kitty named Flash is enjoying a sunny day at the beach

The colors in this photo look absolutely amazing

This cat’s sky blue eyes make the photo way more beautiful!

Most cats don’t like the water, but apparently, this one isn’t one of them!

The ‘golden hour’ seems to work wonders for this cat

Look at its hypnotizing eyes!

This cat definitely loves swimming! We didn’t know cats love the beach this much, but when you think about it, it’s actually not at all surprising. Cats are very curious by their nature, and beaches offer lots of new things for them to observe and explore!