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These Twin Cats With Heterochromia Are So Stunning That They Are Going To Blow Your Mind

We all know if there’s anything better than a cat, it’s two cats! These gorgeous twin sisters named Iriss and Abyss are here to prove us right once again!

These Photos Will Prove You That All Cats Are The Same Regardless Of Their Size

When we think of big cats we often imagine them as scary predators. While they can be wild and ferocious too, big cats are also playful and fluffy just like their domestic versions! They can go back to their kitten times from time to time and the results are absolutely adorable! Here in this list, you’re going to find some examples of big cats acting just like house cats and we guarantee you that after seeing these photos, you’ll want to have one as a pet! Scroll down and enjoy our gallery!

These Hot Australian Firefighters Raise Money For Charity By Posing With Adorable Cats For A Calendar

These Australian firefighters are already so hot but when they team up with adorable kittens they simply become irresistible!

Apparently, Cats Can Also Have A Strong Bond With Their Humans

We always believe that dogs are man’s best friend, but seems like they’re not the only one! According to some recent studies, cats can also form a deep connection with their owners.

This Poor Kitten Finally Gets New Paws Made Of Titanium

This unfortunate female cat from Russia lost all her paws due to frostbite, but now, she will be able to walk, run, and climb to her heart’s content thanks to the veterinarians who managed to replace her missing paws with 3D-printed prosthetics made of titanium. This gray female cat named Dymka (“mist” in Russian) is approximately 4 years old. She was found in the snow in Novokuznetsk in Siberia in December of 2018 by a passing driver and immediately brought to a clinic in Novosibirsk. Since she was suffering from severe frostbite, her tail, paws, and ears need to be surgically removed by the veterinarian Sergei Gorshkov.

This Prison In Indiana Uses A Different Method To Change Prisoners’ Lives

There are many studies on how animals help us heal. In fact, their therapeutic powers have been accepted and welcomed by people for a very long time.

This Canadian Bookstore Is Full Of Cats And Customers Can Even Adopt Them

If you’re in Canada and you want to adopt a cute feline companion, animal shelters aren’t your only option. You can also try this bookstore! This bookstore named Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee is located just outside of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the staff is trying their best to encourage people to adopt pets instead of buying them. It’s impossible to notice that the store is full of cute kitties when you’re browsing for something to read or having a cup of coffee!

This Will Be Your Dream Job If You Are A Cat Lover

Do you know you can actually make money by taking care of your favorite fluffballs while living on a beautiful Greek island? Read on for the details!

If You Are Feeling Stressed At Work You Should Consider Getting An Office Cat Or Dog

Having a pet in the office is getting more and more common each day. It seems like big companies such as Google allows pets in their offices, so do LinkedIn and some other big Dutch companies such as Wallaart & Kusse Public Affairs as well. The thing is, apparently having a pet in the work environment can be very beneficial for your employees. According to research that was done by Virginia Commonwealth University a couple of years ago, people experience less stress when a dog is around.

These Cats Can Take The Shape Of Any Container And Their Photos Are Hilarious

Cats have incredibly flexible bodies. They cat fit their bodies into any tight spaces easily, no matter how ‘big’ or fluffy they are! We started to believe they are liquid, so to say, and this gallery will absolutely prove to you that we have very good reasons to think so! Scroll down and enjoy!

If You Are A Cat Lover, We Have The Perfect Open-World Game For You

We have good news for cat lovers all around the world! Developer Eric Blumrich recently came up with that game idea called ‘Peace Island’, and the game revolves around a gang of cats going on adventures and solving mysteries together.

Meet Chachamaru, The Cat Who Loves Wearing Hats

Chachamaru here is an absolutely adorable furball. Seriously, he is so cute that it’s even hard to describe it with words. The cutest thing about him is though he loves it when his owner puts one of his hats on him. Then he becomes super mega cute and it’s really hard not to want to squeeze him! You should especially see him wearing his Pikachu hat.