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These Cat Posts Will Help You Have A Better Day Today

Working from home can be great in many aspects, but it's also great because you get to spend a lot more time with your cat! At the moment most of us are working from our homes, and if you need a break from your work and can't get enough of funny and adorable cats like us, our list is definitely perfect for you. You can even take a look at these hilarious photos with your cats...or maybe don't since he can get a bit jealous. Either way, this gallery is guaranteed to brighten your day!

This Adorable Vampire Kitten Was Rescued From The Streets By A Woman

This kitty with very unique vampire fangs made his rescuer fell in love with him a year after he was rescued.

This Clever Bobcat Sits On Top Of Huge 45’ Arizona Cactus As A Climbing Strategy To Run Away From Enemies

"This clever bobcat seems to have found the best strategy to escape a mountain lion. He miraculously managed to climb atop of a 45’ cactus and remained there for more than 6 hours. Since he was way smaller than the mountain lion when it comes to its size, he was not in a lucky position up against the lion, but he made the best decision by going up! Another thing that also worked to his advantage was the fact that he was lighter compared to the lion, so he saved himself from ending up as the mountain lion’s dinner. The bobcat basically said ‘not today’ to death, and managed to climb a 45’ cactus. To give you an idea of how massive the cactus is, it’s equivalent to more than 2 stories with 2’’ thorns protruding from it!"

This Senior Kitty Finally Found A Forever Home And We Are So Happy For Him

While it is understandable why most people usually consider adopting a kitten or a puppy when they want to get a pet, it’s totally tragic when you see lots of older animals are being put to death since they cannot find loving families, or at least have to spend the rest of their times at the animal shelters. This is particularly the case for senior cats, serene and patient in their old age they usually desire a little more than snuggles and cuddles and all the love you should offer a pet that needs you. This was also the case for this 15-year-old “scrawny” cat who found his way to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage, where the staff was quick to realize his persistent longing for affection.

Lost Cat Found After Spending 14 Months In Pet Food Factory

This adorable two-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat named Clive went missing in 2014 which left his owners devastated, naturally. He returned home 14 months later, and his owners were very surprised to find out he had spent those 14 months snacking and chilling at a nearby pet food factory! The couple, Tanya and Jonathan Irons who also have a 2-year-old daughter named Elizabeth put up posters around their neighborhood just to find their beloved Clive. They also tried posting on Facebook, but all their efforts were in vain. When the staff working at the pet food factory started to realize some snacks were going missing, and some mysterious dropping around the factory, they decided to set up a trap to find the culprit and that was when they managed to catch Clive. They took the naughty cat to his owners and Clive reunited with his family again.

Woman Visited Shelter And Adopted The Cat That Was Least Likely To Find A Forever Home

This woman from San Antonio, Texas named Bridgid Staub returned to her house after spending one month in a hospital. It wasn’t easy to start a new life for her, especially when she was all alone. “I felt like something was missing. After contemplating a whole lot, I decided to go down to my city’s animal services shelter to see if I can find the perfect kitty companion for myself,” Bridgid says. She wanted to staff working at the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services to show her the cat that had been there the longest.

This Old Man Who Has Dementia Was Given A Robotic Cat By His Family Since A Real One Wasn’t An Option

Cheryl Yates is a woman from Ontario, Canada, who has an 88-year-old father that is suffering from dementia. Since Cheryl wanted to help her dad, she decided to join forces with her family to find a way to do so. Her father Bob is unfortunately at the last stages of dementia. He is a true cat lover and he has always had a fondness for cats throughout his entire life. He took care of nine cats before. At one stage of dementia, he started to ask for his cats very frequently. Since he is restricted to a hospital bed, it’s not possible for him to take care of a real cat.

You Should Actually Keep Your Cat Indoors And Here Is Why

It seems like whether or not you should keep your cat indoors has been an ongoing debate among cat owners since cats and humans started to live together. But it seems like, it has finally come to an end. According to this research, cats should stay indoors. The cats that spend a majority of their time outside are three times more at risk to get infected by pathogens or parasites than those who spend their time indoors, they wrote in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters. There’s also the risk of these cats transferring some of those parasites and pathogens to humans, they added.

Meet The Real-Life Aristocats Duchess And Her Kittens

Disney’s beloved animation called The Aristocats was released in 1970. It tells the story of a family of cats owned by an extremely rich retired opera diva. In the film, the mama cat named Duchess and her three kittens named Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse grow up in a very extravagant lifestyle. When Madame decides that her fortune should be bequeathed to her cats until they die, the butler of the house kidnaps them as he wants to speed up his inheritance. An alley cat named Thomas O’Malley helps the adorable family of furballs find their way back home. This musical animated film has a special place in the hearts of many cat lovers even now, and this Texas resident named Shelby Sewell-Lopez is definitely one of those people. When she named a gorgeous white cat in 2018, Shelby decided to name her Duchess because of that. But poor Duchess wasn’t really healthy when she got adopted. She was very weak and had a hernia, and due to a multitude of parasitic infections, her hair was falling out.

You Should Definitely Adopt A Senior Pet, And Here’s Why

We can’t deny that pets are brightening our lives. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling to have an animal companion with you to spend your love and life with. However, most people choose to adopt a younger animal such as a kitten or a puppy when they decide to get a pet. Here’s the thing, though, there actually are a lot of benefits of adopting an old animal. Yes, we know it’s a great thing to get a baby and see it grow and mature with you and your family, however, adopting a senior animal can be a wiser decision.

Lucky Girl Came Across Her Long-Lost Childhood Cat While Volunteering At An Animal Shelter

This is the story of Hannah Rountree. Hannah was 12 years old when her cat named Spunky got lost. When Hannah went on vacation with her family, their beloved black and white cat found a way to run away from the house. They searched for him everywhere and tried anything to find him, but the cat didn’t come back. As you would expect, Hannah was very sad about the whole thing, but Spunky inspired her love for animals. When she became a teenager, she decided to volunteer at her local animal shelter. When now 15-year-old Hannah arrived for her second shift at Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, there was no way for her to know what was going to happen! Hannah saw a black and white cat at the center and felt an immediate connection with the animal. The cat had been recently brought to the center and was being kept in the shelter’s catio. There were many other similar looking cats, but Hannah felt like this one was special.

This Kitten Who Has Two Heads Meows From Both Mouths And It’s Absolutely Mindblowing

Nature never ceases to amaze us, and today we are giving you yet another example of how full of incredible creatures it actually can be! This kitty from Perth, Australia named Quasimodo was born with two heads! Since the momma cat was having labor complications, the delivery process was made via surgery by a skilled local veterinarian, however, they weren’t expecting what they saw at all when the baby finally was born. One of the nurses that was present in the delivery room that day later told that everyone in the room was totally shocked because while the occasional extra tail or leg is not unheard of, an extra head was definitely something new!