The Photos Of These Cats Who Became Regulars At Small Shops Are Absolutely Hilarious

These cats look like they really love walking through the aisles of these convenience stores! Moreover, they do that with such self-confidence that you would think they owned the place! These photos were shared by Bodega Cats, and we guarantee that they are going to brighten your mood today. Scroll down to enjoy the rest of our list!

According to Rob Hitt, the founder of the Bodega Cats project, “All cats have their own unique personalities. Stray cats, however, aren’t conditioned to seek out human interaction so they act more secluded.”

“My friends seem to love it more when I shared photos of cats rather than my selfies! When I realized that, I decided to start the Bodega Cats project, hoping to give people a moment of positivity and make their day a bit better.” Rob added.

“ We are getting roughly 75-100 submissions every week. I pick the photos that invoke some emotions in me. I don’t have many other criteria.”

This cat knows how to act during the time of a global pandemic

That’s all you need to know about Sophie


‘Hi there, may I take your order?’

Just a cat taking a nap right in the middle of an aisle

This cat knows how to find good food!

‘Yes, I’m buying that!’

We want to give this cat a boop on the nose too!

Cats know what social distancing means better than humans do!

Meet the new face of Cheetos

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

‘Hey, could you please help me here for a minute?’

This cat is a member of the supermarket staff now!

Looks grumpy, but in fact, has a heart full of love

Partying in a beer box!

‘You were hoping to find cookies, weren’t you?’

Well, we want to add this fluffy thing to our shopping cart as well!

It’s just extremely adorable!

‘Hey, I’m your BEST customer!’

Look at this cute sleepy face!

Just two fluffballs chilling together

Playful little cat is being playful!

Chonker needs a drink!

That adorable face, though!

Stretching exercises in a convenience store

‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to fall off’

Chonky is feeling very lazy today