You Should Definitely Adopt A Senior Pet, And Here’s Why

We can’t deny that pets are brightening our lives. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling to have an animal companion with you to spend your love and life with. However, most people choose to adopt a younger animal such as a kitten or a puppy when they decide to get a pet. Here’s the thing, though, there actually are a lot of benefits of adopting an old animal. Yes, we know it’s a great thing to get a baby and see it grow and mature with you and your family, however, adopting a senior animal can be a wiser decision.

Since older animals already have their own specific personalities, and they won’t change, you get to know what kind of a pet you’re going to share your life with before you adopt them. Moreover, they’re usually already trained, which could get your job easier when you decide to teach them commands and/or when you clean up after any litter accidents. You also know exactly what size they are, so you don’t need to worry about your cute little puppy transforming into a grizzly bear before your very eyes! However, senior animals may require more time and money, due to the potential of increased vet visits.

But the important thing to remember is that you’re going to provide an animal with the loving home it deserves, and possibly, a better life. The services manager of Joplin Humane Society Shelter, Connie Andrews, said: “There’s no surprise factor when it comes to adopting a senior pet...You exactly know how big they are or what type of personality they have, or how energetic they can get.”

In other words, you will have greater control over choosing a pet that will best match your lifestyle when you decide to adopt a senior pet. November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, but that doesn’t mean you can only adopt a senior pet in November! As you can guess, there are lots and lots of older pets that are waiting for their forever homes. The Shelter Manager, Lysa Boston added, “People really should adopt senior pets...You are giving a second chance to an animal that somebody else turned away from.” We can’t also stress how important adopting is. The shelters are full of animals that need to be loved, so adopt, don’t shop. Please don’t think only younger animals and babies can be cute, older animals also have so much love to give you. You’ll be delighted to spend your time with a senior furry friend that understands you and accepts you as you are.