Woman Visited Shelter And Adopted The Cat That Was Least Likely To Find A Forever Home

This woman from San Antonio, Texas named Bridgid Staub returned to her house after spending one month in a hospital. It wasn’t easy to start a new life for her, especially when she was all alone. “I felt like something was missing. After contemplating a whole lot, I decided to go down to my city’s animal services shelter to see if I can find the perfect kitty companion for myself,” Bridgid says. She wanted to staff working at the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services to show her the cat that had been there the longest.

“That’s how I got to meet Cali.” Cali was a cat found on the streets and then brought to the shelter. After the examinations, they found out that she is completely deaf. She is also a senior cat as well, considering that she only had a couple of remaining teeth. “She was a gorgeous calico cat with mesmerizing green eyes. When they took her out of her cage, she immediately let out a very loud and kind of bizarre-sounding ‘meow’. That actually made me smile after a long time,” said Bridgid.

The cat just ran to the sink and meowed there until Bridgid finally turned on the water. “She drank some water and then she turned her gaze towards me. She started to headbutt my hand until I petted her, and then she laid down and curled up, asked for some belly rubs!”

That was when Bridgid decided to take the cat home with her. A few days later, Cali was ready to leave the shelter and go to her new home. “She couldn’t sleep even for a second on her first night. She was very observant and kind of nervous about her new environment,” Bridgid added. “The next morning was entirely different, though. She came close to me when I was on the couch and fell asleep on my lap.”

The cat finally felt good in her new home. “Ever since then, we have become the best cuddle buddies while sleeping and she has always slept next to me. We even share the pillows sometimes!” says Bridgid. This old, deaf cat turned out the be the most affectionate and the sweetest cat ever, and she was just waiting for her opportunity to shine.

“She definitely changed my life for the better, and I am so happy that ı decided to adopt,” Bridgid shares. “I know it sounds very cliche, but it is so true for me to say even though I helped her and gave her a better life, she also helped me, maybe a lot more.”