How This Momma Cat Takes Care Of Her Kitten Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

A Twitter user named Merve Ozcan shared these photos of a momma cat on Twitter recently. In the photos, the cat can be seen bringing her sick kitten to one of Istanbul hospital’s emergency rooms. 

If You Are A Cat Owner You Should Know About The Dangers Of Himalayan Salt Lamps For Your Pet

According to the vets, Himalayan salt lamps can actually be very dangerous for your cat, and if your Instagram aesthetic is all about cats, Himalayan salt lamps, and crystals, maybe it’s time to change that. A Himalayan salt lamp can be very tempting for your cat to lick and that can cause sodium poisoning which can end up being fatal for your cat.

This Poor Kitten Finally Gets New Paws Made Of Titanium

This unfortunate female cat from Russia lost all her paws due to frostbite, but now, she will be able to walk, run, and climb to her heart’s content thanks to the veterinarians who managed to replace her missing paws with 3D-printed prosthetics made of titanium. This gray female cat named Dymka (“mist” in Russian) is approximately 4 years old. She was found in the snow in Novokuznetsk in Siberia in December of 2018 by a passing driver and immediately brought to a clinic in Novosibirsk. Since she was suffering from severe frostbite, her tail, paws, and ears need to be surgically removed by the veterinarian Sergei Gorshkov.

These Super Fluffy Rescued Kittens Are Helping The Organization That Saved Them Before Starting Their New Lives

Life was not always easy for these two adorable fluffballs. Thanks to an animal rescue organization in Arizona, however, they turned out to be these gorgeous furbabies. These neonatal kittens were found on the streets and brought to a safe environment. While we’re happy about the fact that they were saved, it would be much better if there were no poor cats living on the streets.

The Only Survivor Amongst A Litter Of Four Kittens Is On The Path To Recovery At Montana Animal Clinic

These stories are truly heartbreaking but once again, a family of four kittens was abandoned on the side of the road in a cardboard box. They were found in Helena, Montana, but by the time they were found, it was already too late for some of the kittens. Three out of four kittens ended up dying.

This Poor Havana Cat Rescued By A Shelter Had Been Mistreated Badly For Years

This cat’s story began when a group of cats was rescued and taken to Five Acres Animal Shelter in Missouri a year ago. The staff there were more than surprised when they found out this cat is actually a rare breed called the Havana Brown.

This Cat Loves To Chill In The Sink And People On The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Her

As we already know most cats don’t really have a good relationship with water, but some enjoy it quite a lot, such as this cat who enjoys her bath time in the sink.

This Special Cat Who Is Diagnosed With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally Finds A Forever Home

The American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated that in the U.S., 3.2 million cats are brought to animal shelters every year. Unfortunately, out of this 3.2 million, roughly 860,000 never find forever homes and are euthanized. Luckily, these two special kitties named Toby and Quinton were adopted by Georgina Price and her fiance Christopher Lardner. The couple had a rescue cat named Herbie before, but unfortunately, he passed away when he was 16, and the couple wanted to adopt another cat since their house in Stroud, England was feeling empty without their precious Herbie.

This Old Man Who Has Dementia Was Given A Robotic Cat By His Family Since A Real One Wasn’t An Option

Cheryl Yates is a woman from Ontario, Canada, who has an 88-year-old father that is suffering from dementia. Since Cheryl wanted to help her dad, she decided to join forces with her family to find a way to do so. Her father Bob is unfortunately at the last stages of dementia. He is a true cat lover and he has always had a fondness for cats throughout his entire life. He took care of nine cats before. At one stage of dementia, he started to ask for his cats very frequently. Since he is restricted to a hospital bed, it’s not possible for him to take care of a real cat.

This Cross-Eyed Cat Named Belarus Will Make You Fall In Love With Him Thanks To His Unique And Adorable Looks

Cats are gorgeous and elegant creatures, and we think we can all agree on that. After all, one of the reasons we love them so much is their elegance, and regardless of their color, shape, or size, all cats have this one quality. Some cats, however, happen to have something extra that makes them stand out from the crowd, just like the cat in this story, Belarus. This adorable boy is cross-eyed, and his eyes are making him even cuter, to be honest. This fluffy and playful kitty already has more than 250k followers, and it’s not really surprising after you see his photos! His owner, Rachel, adopted this beautiful boy nearly two years ago when he was one year old. She immediately felt a strong bond with the cat and knew that he is the perfect companion for her.

This Couple Adopted A 33 Pound Cat And They Are Now Helping Him With His Weight Loss Journey

Mark Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman started their own business to produce various pieces of furniture for indoor cats to promote activity in them so they don't lay around and be lazy all day long. Even though they already had two cats to help them test their products, one day they decided to adopt another cat so they visited the Humane Society. When they went there, they immediately felt a connection with this giant cat named Bronson, but since the Humane Society was very busy on that particular day, they couldn't get the chance to see him in person. When they went back to the Humane Society the following day, a member of the staff told them that all they knew about Bronson's past was the fact that his owner passed away. However, since the cat clearly has a weight problem, they think his late owner fed him a lot of table scraps. The cat being overweight had no negative impact on the couple, though, since Bronson was very friendly and adorable, and once they petted him, they couldn't wait to bring him home. The couple also found out that he has very unique features such as his extra fingers or his paws that oddly resemble their home state of Michigan. After taking him home, the couple immediately took Bronson to the vet. They learned that obese cats such as Bronson need to lose weight slowly or else they can get fatty liver disease which is extremely fatal. The couple had to change Bronson's diet three times since they adopted him but finally managed to find the perfect diet for him. His diet now consists of the dry food that the shelter had him on and some grain-free wet food. Along with his diet, the couple also had to change his exercise routine a couple of times. Bronson now has an Instagram page to showcase his incredible weight loss journey and he managed to get more than 13,000 followers in only two weeks! His followers are supporting him in his journey and giving him some advice along the way. Check out the gallery below to see more of this gentle giant!

This Chubby Cat Named Manggo And Her Funny Expressions Will Be Your New Obsession

We are basically using the internet to look for cute kitty pictures, let's just admit it. Luckily, the internet never fails us when it comes to adorable photos of cats since there are tons of them waiting to be searched and shared! There is a cat for everyone: cats that can dance, cats in cute outfits, grumpy cats, happy cats, you name it! Let us introduce you to your newest cat crush called Manggo, then! She is sharing the same household with her buddies named Boss and Coco and they are living in Japan. You may wonder what makes this cat particularly charming, though. The thing is, Manggo has the most relatable facial expressions that you can get from a feline! If you need proof, we have a whole gallery for you here! Scroll down and enjoy some of Manggo's most adorable photos below!

Look at how cute this cat, kitty cat is!!

Look at how cute this cat, kitty cat is!! The eyes kind of remind me of a doll, which makes it very cute :,-)

Cats Hiding From Vets

It is a known fact that most cats don’t like vets. They usually try to find a way to escape or hide from vets. Here are some of the cutest pictures of such moments.