How This Momma Cat Takes Care Of Her Kitten Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

A Twitter user named Merve Ozcan shared these photos of a momma cat on Twitter recently. In the photos, the cat can be seen bringing her sick kitten to one of Istanbul hospital’s emergency rooms. 

There Are Only Cats Living In This Small “Town”

This town is located in the northern province of Samsun, Turkey and it is built entirely for cats! The facility is also known as ‘cat town’ and it is built within a 10,000-kilometer forest area that can be found within a municipal animal shelter.

Instead Of Charging Parking Violators With A Fee, This Police Department Wants You To Donate To A Shelter

Every now and then, we find news that is brightening our day and just restoring our faith in kindness and humanity in general. This is one of such news. The Muncie Police Department decided to demand people with a parking ticket to donate cat supplies to the animal shelter, instead of straight-up paying the fee.

These Cat Owners Reached New Heights When It Comes To Creativity During Quarantine

Quarantine is a boring time for most of us since we need to distract ourselves from all the things that are happening that we can’t really control. And of course, that requires a lot of creativity. Well, the cat owners in this list seem to have found the perfect solution for both themselves and their cats, though! They started to build forts for their cats using cardboard boxes, and the results are going to blow your mind! Just scroll down to see the rest of our gallery!

These Hot Australian Firefighters Raise Money For Charity By Posing With Adorable Cats For A Calendar

These Australian firefighters are already so hot but when they team up with adorable kittens they simply become irresistible!

This Prison In Indiana Uses A Different Method To Change Prisoners’ Lives

There are many studies on how animals help us heal. In fact, their therapeutic powers have been accepted and welcomed by people for a very long time.

This Will Be Your Dream Job If You Are A Cat Lover

Do you know you can actually make money by taking care of your favorite fluffballs while living on a beautiful Greek island? Read on for the details!

If You Are A Cat Lover, We Have The Perfect Open-World Game For You

We have good news for cat lovers all around the world! Developer Eric Blumrich recently came up with that game idea called ‘Peace Island’, and the game revolves around a gang of cats going on adventures and solving mysteries together.

This Kitten Who Has Two Heads Meows From Both Mouths And It’s Absolutely Mindblowing

Nature never ceases to amaze us, and today we are giving you yet another example of how full of incredible creatures it actually can be! This kitty from Perth, Australia named Quasimodo was born with two heads! Since the momma cat was having labor complications, the delivery process was made via surgery by a skilled local veterinarian, however, they weren’t expecting what they saw at all when the baby finally was born. One of the nurses that was present in the delivery room that day later told that everyone in the room was totally shocked because while the occasional extra tail or leg is not unheard of, an extra head was definitely something new!

These Charming Sand Kittens Recorded In Their Natural Environment For The First Time Ever

The director of Panthera France, Gregory Breton was on a very long and exhausting expedition with his colleague, and they were feeling kind of done with the whole thing on September 25th until they managed to discover something in the bushes that had never been seen in the wild before. They spotted three pairs of shining eyes staring at them at 2 in the morning, from the darkness that consumed the shrubs they were hiding in. Gregory and his colleague decided to pull out their spot lamps to further investigate these creatures they saw, and they ended up finding a group of young sand cats in their natural habitat! Unbelievable, right?

Meet Martin, The Adorable Kitten That Is The Newest Addition To NYPD

Recently, Brooklyn’s NYPD 60th Precinct got a new and very special recruit onto their team. This was none other than a charming 6-month-old tabby kitten! This adorable orphaned kitten was abandoned at the station, and he managed to steal the hearts of officers in no time! He was purring around the station, jumping into officers’ laps, giving them cuddles and snuggles whenever he could. They quickly grew a strong bond with the animal and they couldn’t bring themselves to take the cat to an animal shelter. So, they came up with the perfect solution! They thought the station should adopt the kitten and they also managed to convince the commanding officer to do just that! Their boss didn’t really reject the idea as long as they’re okay with cleaning after the kitty, so the cute kitty became their newest part of the team!

This Internet Famous Cat's Remains Will Be Sent To Space

This fluffy internet sensation named Lil Bub left our world while she was peacefully sleeping on December 1st and her death left many of her fans teary-eyed. Her unique appearance and life story was an inspiration to millions of people from all around the globe, so the news of her passing away was very heartbreaking and tragic. Lil Bub's family managed to find a way so that the adorable cat can watch over her fans and cats in need of this world from space and she always was a little angel, the idea sounds perfect for her!