Instead Of Charging Parking Violators With A Fee, This Police Department Wants You To Donate To A Shelter

Every now and then, we find news that is brightening our day and just restoring our faith in kindness and humanity in general. This is one of such news. The Muncie Police Department decided to demand people with a parking ticket to donate cat supplies to the animal shelter, instead of straight-up paying the fee.

The people are allowed to buy blankets, cat foods, beds, litter, or any other cat supplies that those poor animals may need. Donations should be the same amount as the parking ticket fee, and they should be given directly to Muncie Animal Care. The Muncie Police Department came up with this solution when the animal shelter started to complain about cat overpopulation in mid-July. Since their funds were limited, they weren’t capable of providing the very basic needs for their cats. So the police department decided to take the matters into their hands.

They announced their new method in regards to parking tickets on their Facebook and Twitter pages. The campaign ended up as a huge success, and the animal shelter managed to receive a ton of donations thanks to the efforts of the police department. The Muncie Police Department also gained a lot of praise online from all around the world.