These Twin Cats With Heterochromia Are So Stunning That They Are Going To Blow Your Mind

We all know if there’s anything better than a cat, it’s two cats! These gorgeous twin sisters named Iriss and Abyss are here to prove us right once again!

 They look so alike that they even have matching heterochromia! The twins live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and they’re actually mixed breed cats according to their owner.

The pair quickly has started to gain a lot of internet attention ever since their owner started an Instagram account for them. Their fame is not really so surprising considering the fact that the cats are simply too beautiful! Their owner got them when they were only 3 months old, and he realized the twins are getting a lot of attention from pretty much everyone! As you can see they’re very good at modeling!

One of the questions people ask the most about the twins is their breeds, so their owner wanted to explain this issue on their Instagram back in May 2016. 

In a post he wrote: “Many people think we are angoras, Turkish Van, or other breeds. But, we are actually ‘crossbred’, and we’re just two blonde sisters with heterochromia. It’s a very rare situation. Our mother is a white cat while our dad is a black and white cat.”

These stunning twins now have 203k followers on Instagram and their fanbase is growing each day. Most people follow them as they’re adorable and also they seem like they are their best friends, but their owner also deserves some credit since he always treats them like princesses.

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