You Will Fall In Love With This Chimera Cat Named Wendy Cat (But She Has A Gross Habit)

As cat lovers, we should be grateful for the existence of social media as we get to see lots of beautiful cats on a daily basis thanks to it. Even though we love all cats, some manage to stand out more due to their unique fur patterns or weird quirks. Chimera cats are definitely one of those cats that stand out amongst the rest thanks to their two-colored faces. We are sure you’ve seen chimeras before, and today, we have yet another one for you. And its name is ‘Cat’!

Actually, this is her name in Thai. It’s แมว which translates to ‘Cat’ in English, but this stunning kitty also has an English name as well. Just call her Wendy. She even has an Instagram account named Wendytwofacescat.

Wendy is almost two years old and she is living with her owner, Eve in Thailand. Eve adopted her when she was just 3 months old and she has been the center of attention ever since. It’s easy to see why when you look at that gorgeous kitty, though, she looks just so beautiful with her split color face of candlelight cream melting into gray tabby patterning.

This unique divide on her face travels down her front legs all the way to her adorable little paws, but the clear-cut line fades into a mesh of tabby stripes and swatches of the lightest orange on the rest of her fur.

And with her perfectly round, squishy face she looks even more angelic! She’s like the definition of feline innocence if you ask us. Yes, we are aware that cats aren’t really innocent creatures. Cats can be very mischievous and Wendy is no exception to the rule. If you’re curious about her weird habits, well, Wendy really loves playing with the toilet paper rolls and she actually eats them! Her owner tries her best to keep her away from the rolls, but a kitty with a habit can be very hard to stop. And as you can see in the picture below, Wendy really is a stubborn girl!

There’s actually one other thing about her habits that you may find gross. Just like any other cat, Wendy also likes to chase and bat things around. Her favorite thing to chase and play with, however, is not really her toys. She enjoys playing with cockroaches! According to her owner, “She really likes playing with cockroaches as they are faster and bigger compared to other insects”. Another reason why Wendy likes them is that “they can fly”.

However, Wendy has one special cockroach friend! His name is Peter, and Eve even listed Peter the roach as Wendy’s closest friend in her Instagram bio. It’s truly interesting but kind of stomach-churning at the same time, to be honest. Eve admits that she gets scared when Wendy and Peter play together! It’s not really hard to see why.

We adore our cats, but they can be bizarre and wild animals, that’s for sure. Even when they look so elegant and beautiful just like Wendy does, they are actually goofy cats at heart.