This Guy Quit His Job And Sold Everything He Owned Just To Travel Freely With His Cat

Meet Rich East, the guy who is probably a little too impressed by the story of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. He loves traveling, so one day he decided to quit his job and sell all his possessions to travel around the world freely. He is not completely alone in this journey, though, his cat Willow also accompanies him!

You Will Love The Adventures Of Gary The Mountaineering Rescue Cat

This fluffball is Gary and he is basically a celebrity on Instagram now! And rightfully so, we must say, since he definitely has one of the most entertaining accounts out there. What makes him different from other cats is that this cat is a true adventurer as he loves hiking, mountaineering, and paddling!

There Are Only Cats Living In This Small “Town”

This town is located in the northern province of Samsun, Turkey and it is built entirely for cats! The facility is also known as ‘cat town’ and it is built within a 10,000-kilometer forest area that can be found within a municipal animal shelter.

This Cat Loves The Beach So Much That She Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Visited One

The photos of this adorable kitty were shared by a woman named Semsema Mahmoud on a group named Travel Secrets Club on Facebook. She wasn’t expecting to see a cat when she visited a beach very recently, but she was pleasantly surprised when she saw this furball enjoying her life at the beach!

You Won’t Believe What This Couple Heading For New York Accidentally Packed In Their Luggage

This couple from the Isle of Man, United Kingdom, packed their suitcases to celebrate their 40th birthday in New York. However, they were totally unaware of the bizarre turn the things would take. Nick and Voirrey Coole took their suitcases and headed towards the airport, and everything seemed to be just fine. However, shortly after their arrival, they got stopped by airport security after a cat was found in one of their bags! Turned out that their cat, Candy, wasn’t happy about being left behind, so she decided to climb into their hand luggage, only to be discovered later by airport security.

You Are Going To Fall In Love With This Trucker Cat Named Tora Who Has Traveled All Over The US With Her Owner

Tora is a one-year-old Scottish Straight cat that enjoys going on adventures with her human, David Durst, while sitting in the passenger seat in his truck. So far, the duo has visited 43 states, and you can see the photos of their trips on Instagram. 24-year-old David had problems when he tried to adopt a feline companion as the agencies thought that a truck is not a suitable place for the kitty to live. He was just about to give up, but then he received this photo of an eight-week-old kitten sent by a breeder.

You Need To See This Japanese Temple That Has Adorable Cat Monks If You Are A Cat Lover

Japan is a very unique country that is filled with new inventions and things we don't even know we needed, but this time they managed to take this uniqueness to a whole new level! If you are a cat lover, you have the perfect reason to visit Japan now, because they have a temple called 'Nyan Nyan Ji' which literally means 'Meow Meow Temple',and it's full of fluffy kittens ready to be worshipped! The temple even has a cat monk who has kitten assistants, and it both sounds and looks like a fantasy land!

The Photos Of This Adventurer Cat And Dog Will Surprise You

As big hiking enthusiasts, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend had to make sure that the pets they adopted had to love the outdoors as much as them. Lucky for them, it seems that they hit the bull’s eye since their dog Henry and cat Baloo can’t get enough of nature.