You Need To See This Japanese Temple That Has Adorable Cat Monks If You Are A Cat Lover

Japan is a very unique country that is filled with new inventions and things we don't even know we needed, but this time they managed to take this uniqueness to a whole new level! If you are a cat lover, you have the perfect reason to visit Japan now, because they have a temple called 'Nyan Nyan Ji' which literally means 'Meow Meow Temple',and it's full of fluffy kittens ready to be worshipped! The temple even has a cat monk who has kitten assistants, and it both sounds and looks like a fantasy land!

1-The Meow Meow Temple can be found in Kyoto, Japan.

2-If you decide to visit the temple yourself, you will be welcomed by the current cat monk named Koyuk.

3-Meet the temple's head monk named Koyuki. Her owner states that Koyuki loves communicating with her 'worshippers'.

4-According to Koyuki's owner, this temple was opened by painter Toru Kaya and his inspiration for the temple was his favorite cat.

5-The temple is full of statues and paintings of cats. You can also buy souvenirs from the gift shop in the temple named "Littlefootmark Ren".

6-The cat monk named Koyuki is loved by everyone, and she is the most popular cat at the temple.

7-The temple has been active since 2016.

8-Koyuki isn't the first cat monk, there were 3 others before her.

9-Look at that pose!

10-The temple has cat assistants too, and even though they are not as popular as Koyuki, they are adorable as well!

11-See them for yourself if you don't believe us!

12-Here's the full address of the temple if you're planning to visit: 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

13-Do you think she's impressed?

14-Look at that adorable kimono!

15-The actual definition of a furball!

16-They're selling cat-themed food in their cafe as well!

17-Yummy, right?

18-We want to visit this temple as soon as possible!

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