The Photos Of This Adventurer Cat And Dog Will Surprise You

As big hiking enthusiasts, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend had to make sure that the pets they adopted had to love the outdoors as much as them. Lucky for them, it seems that they hit the bull’s eye since their dog Henry and cat Baloo can’t get enough of nature.

They adopted Henry back in 2014, and 3 days after he arrived at his new home, he was already out hiking with his new family. After that, he quickly earned the nickname of ‘little mountain goat’.

To the owner’s delight, both pets get along very well. Scroll down to see the gallery below.

Their cat Baloo loves the outside too, and Bennett is certainly proud of that. “I get a lot of questions about how we got him used to it. But he really wants to go outside. If I touch Henry’s leash, Baloo will start screaming at the door.”