You Are Going To Fall In Love With This Trucker Cat Named Tora Who Has Traveled All Over The US With Her Owner

Tora is a one-year-old Scottish Straight cat that enjoys going on adventures with her human, David Durst, while sitting in the passenger seat in his truck. So far, the duo has visited 43 states, and you can see the photos of their trips on Instagram. 24-year-old David had problems when he tried to adopt a feline companion as the agencies thought that a truck is not a suitable place for the kitty to live. He was just about to give up, but then he received this photo of an eight-week-old kitten sent by a breeder.

Tora is always eager to go on adventures. David says he is truly grateful for the wonderful comments and reactions they’re getting from people on social media. They managed to make a lot of online friends, and also real-life friends as well. The duo has visited a lot of states, and they also want to visit the remaining five continental states by the end of this year. David revealed: “Tora is a curious cat and she enjoys exploring her environment a lot especially when she is in big cities!”

This is Tora when she was a tiny kitten. “Well, it may be surprising to you, but my favorite memory with Tora is actually the first time she walked confidently on a leash. Getting a cat used to walking on a leash is a very challenging task anyway, but it’s even more challenging when you add in the loud sounds of a truck stop, and I’m sure many people would just give up. We were about three weeks into having Tora on the road when we were at a truck stop in Zuber, Florida and we were taking her out on a daily basis to do some harness training.” When she got out of the truck, however, the curious cat started to explore her environment, and it took two hours for her to get tired and finally sit down. David had to wait patiently for two hours. “However, this day was crucial for all the future adventures we had together,” he added.

It’s important to keep Tora safe and warm all the time. According to David, most people are wondering where they are keeping the litter box and how they are cleaning up after Tora. He says the litter box is in the sleeper of the cab, and it is cleaned out twice a day, for those who are curious.