This Los Angeles-Based Photographer’s Works Will Prove You That Black Cats Appear Gorgeous In Photos Too

This photographer seems to find the perfect time to photograph these adorable black cats: Halloween! It’s the time of the year that filled to brim with scary stories and superstitions, particularly when it comes to black cats. However, we can’t say the holiday season is that much fun for our furry friends, since there are strange noises and people around, and scary decorations everywhere they are not used to seeing, so they definitely need our love and affection the most during that time. The animals staying in the shelters also need love in a forever home during that time of the year, but we can’t say black cats are very lucky when it comes to getting adopted.

In fact, sadly, black cats usually are the least likely to get adopted, so they have the highest rate of euthanasia, and that’s all because of the color of their fur!

This pet photographer and animal advocate from Los Angeles named Casey Elise Christopher took a series of photos to show how gorgeous black cats are and how big their personality actually is while trying to help them get adopted. Her cat models are from West Los Angeles Animal Services and Milo’s Sanctuary.

If you are planning to adopt a cat, please consider adopting a black cat. They deserve a warm and safe space for themselves just as much as any other cat does and when you adopt a black cat, you are not only going to save that baby’s life but also brighten up your own. Contact your local shelter to adopt a black cat today!