This Guy Adds Giant Cats To Various Photos Using Photoshop And The Results Are Just Hilarious

We know one thing about Photoshop for sure, it is definitely so much fun when you don't use it to alter human bodies. It gives us the ability to manipulate and alter every image to our hearts' content which is simply amazing and we are happy that the technological advancements we have today are allowing us to do something so interesting. Some artists do create some incredible things using Photoshop such as this artist we are going to talk about today named Fransdita Muafidin who increases the size of the cats and superimposes them over very famous landmarks! Cats have been a big source of inspiration for many artists over the years and the internet has made them even more popular. We've all seen the photos of these places before but add them a Cat-Zilla and boom! You have something new and definitely worth seeing! Check out our gallery below to see more of Fransdita's work for yourself!

1-The Statue of Liberty is this cat's favorite toy now!

2-Intimidating but still so fluffy!

3-True romance right here

4-Istanbul is famous for its cats, you want proof?

5-We think Cat-Zilla is way more adorable than Godzilla, to be honest.

6-Perfect spot for a nap

7-That look on its face, though!

8-We are definitely loving these giant cats!

9-Let's hope he won't end up eating all those skyscrapers!

10-If you are brave enough, everything can be a cat tower!

11-Now we know why the traffic is always so messed up!

12-That could be a nice scene from an action movie

13-It's snack time!

14-We are willing to give this giant cat some belly rubs if he's up for them!

15-That cute button nose is still killing us!