These Wholesome Photos Of Adorable Cats Will Warm Your Heart On This Cold Winter Day

Cats may have a bad reputation for being distant and cool. Most content online you find about cats depicts them as jerks or shows their mischievous side. However, cats also have a very different, much softer side. Even though some people tend to believe otherwise, they are actually one of the sweetest creatures we have on our planet. They are the perfect snuggle buddies, and they are totally best friend material. Many cat owners would agree if we say they are the reason we can hardly wait to get back home while we are working or we are outside. So we think we should give cats more credit when it comes to being friendly and affectionate. They totally deserve it, and if you don't believe us, we have the perfect gallery for you here! Scroll down to enjoy these adorable cats that will totally melt your heart.

1-Kittens that stick together, stay together!

2-The joke's on you for thinking that this cat is ugly!

3-Look how grateful this poor cat looks

4-Special needs cats have so much love to offer if you're willing to give them some of your time.

5-They are BFFs.

6-'Say you're sorry! NOW!'

7-Well, we can't blame this guy's wife for bringing these two adorable fluffballs home, though!

8-Cats have the ability to win everyone's hearts!

9-Some thing never change

10-That's what it means to be a mother

11-That adorable smile, though!

12-So, this encounter went better than expected for this couple, right?

13-Cats can be just as good at friendship as dogs

14-Poor Pepe

15-That is a very unique fur marking indeed

16-So you're not a cat person? Well, just wait until you get to spend time with a cat!

17-Never say cats aren't friendly again!

18-We want this kitten to sit on our shoulder too!

19-True romance

20-Cats can even be friends with dogs!

21-Those eyes are truly mesmerizing

22-Kittens may help you during the rough periods of your life, and here's the proof!

23-Best friends can also have disagreements from time to time

24-Cats are incredible when it comes to providing emotional support

25-Your relationship with your cat is going to grow even stronger in time

26-Like father, like son

27-We are happy that this cat is living the life he deserves

28-Tail or no tail, all cats are beautiful and worthy of love

29-Romeo and Juliet, cat version

30-They just make an adorable pair!

31-We would be happy if we had our own fort too!

32-Ella and her cute pink nose

33-We want someone to look at us like this!

34-Kittens can make everyone happy and calm

35-He is so fluffy!

36-This one just looks gorgeous!

37-This cat looks absolutely adorable with that jacket!

38-Well, maybe it's not a good idea to have a cat around while you are working

39-Cats can develop amazing friendships, it seems

40-The best snuggle buddies!

41-That cute smile tells it all!

42-Feline friends can be even better than human friends!

43-We totally love these goofy photos of unusual friendships between animals

44-Cats don't enjoy car rides but this one seems to be an exception to the rule!