This Fluffy Foster Kitten's Adorable Smile Will Win Your Heart

If you think you have a high threshold when it comes to cute things, wait until you see this adorable kitten from Albuquerque, New Mexico. We guarantee you that this fluffball will melt your heart and make you say 'aww'. Lauren Botz and Gary Sanches are fostering this adorable kitten trio called The Powerpurr Girls and when they took photos of these lovely sisters named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, they immediately knew they had to share this adorableness with the internet! Especially Blossom's smile is something everyone needs to see!

Their post turned out to be a huge success since it was liked by 74,000 people and was shared more than 214,000 times!

Albuquerque Animal Welfare in New Mexico sometimes gets help from foster families since they're important when it comes to keeping the animals safe and loved while they await their forever home.

One of those foster parents is Lauren Botz.

She is a biochemistry student and in her spare times, she does her best to help pets in her community find their forever homes.

But when The Powerpurr Girls came to her home, she wasn't really expecting this tiny kitten named Blossom to have a such a wonderful smile!

Apparently, the right pictures help pets find their forever homes faster.

Blossom's cute smile and adorable pictures immediately melted everyone's hearts on the internet.

We are used to seeing sweet kittens on the internet, but Blossom's smile made her stand out.

When you see how adorable she is, it's impossible not to share her photos with the people you love so you can help brighten up their day too!

Just look at that adorable face!

How can you say no to those tiny paws and gorgeous eyes?

Lauren is using Blossom's internet fame to encourage more people to adopt pets, instead of buying them. That's an awesome move, we must say!

Blossom looks totally oblivious about her internet fame.

She is just living her best life!

After Facebook, people on Twitter also fell in love with Blossom.

People just can't get over how cute she is!

Her adorable smile has the power of making everyone feel better!

It's impossible not to agree with this tweet.

That's exactly how we feel as well!

This is Buttercup right here:

And this is Bubbles, one third of the Powerpurr Girls

And our baby, Blossom

All three fluffballs in the same frame!