These Cats Are The Definition Of A Troublemaker And They Are Very Unapologetic About It

Cats definitely do bring joy to our lives. There are even many studies that show their health benefits to us! However, we may find ourselves in situations that require high tolerance to their shenanigans from time to time. Cats are very intelligent creatures, but they are also sassy and brave too so they are always up for causing mischief! That, however, doesn't stop us from being so obsessed with them, and that's only natural since they are one of the most adorable creatures in the entire world! Some cat owners though, seem to have chosen to publicly shame their cats for the outrageous things they have done, and the results are absolutely hilarious. Check out our gallery below to see more of these delightfully naughty cats!

1-Yeah, cats and dogs really can't get along well, as you can see

2-You need to wait until this fluffball sobers up to have a serious conversation about his catnip habit

3-Poor hamster, though!

4-Now you know where all your hair elastics go!

5-Freckle doesn't seem ashamed at all!

6-Hide your toilet paper rolls, folks!

7-That sure is an expensive mistake

8-This one is not so bright, is he?

9-That goofy expression, though!

10-He seems proud of it too!

11-"You are not my real dad, and you never will be!"

12-You need to be careful with your food when your cat is around

13-Black cats can be evil indeed

14-"Don't ever try to touch my stuff!"

15-It's hard to be mad ad this kitty when it's so fluffy like this!

16-Well, apparently, someone was a bit too excited about food

17-He knows how to get his revenge

18-A whole new (and gross) way of playing with the yarn

19-This cat just wanted peace for all animal species!

20-Oh, well, some mistakes are definitely bigger than others

21-The kitty's face just tells it all

22-Your cat's idea of a perfect present can be way different from yours

23-A cat needs to entertain itself sometimes

24-This poor kitty was just trying to play

25-And that's why you need protection

26-We have a kinkster right here!

27-Anything for the fish!

28-That must have been a nice way to welcome him!

29-We feel bad for the poor doggo

30-So stereotypical, yet so true