These Charming Chonkers Will Definitely Win Your Heart

Just like humans, cats can also struggle with their weight from time to time. We all love a bit of extra fluff so we may end up feeding our cats a bit more than necessary, or sometimes they can trick us into giving them a few extra treats. We shouldn't fat shame them, though, and instead, we should learn to love and appreciate them as they are! After all, we love all cats and fat cats can be beautiful too! The ones in this list are on diet because of health concerns, but their photos are still amazing, so if you want to get your daily fat cat fix today, scroll down to see our list of adorable cats for yourself!

1-This chonker has the most beautiful eyes ever!

2-This cat doesn't seem ready for a photo!

3-He's probably exhausted after a day of hardcore diet and exercise

4-This one can hardly wait for his next meal time!

5-Just look at those different colored eyes!

6-That ginger fur is so glorious!

7-This cat doesn't seem amused

8-Hairless cats are beautiful too!

9-Grumpy chonker is grumpy

10-'I need to eat fewer calories? What are you even talking about?!'

11-Those sharp vampire teeth!

12-Giving the camera his most intimidating look

13-We just want to squeeze this one!

14-Just look at all that amazing fluff!

15-Even grumpy cats are making us happy with their adorableness

16-We truly are blessed to have these amazing creatures in our lives