You Will Absolutely Love The Photos Of These Confused Cats Who Accidentally Walked Into Homes They Don't Live In

We hear stories about cats choosing their own homes or people almost on a daily basis. They are absolutely heartwarming and we really love those, but there's also this other side of the coin we are going to talk about today. Sometimes our adorable furry friends may get confused and find themselves in places they don't actually belong and the results are absolutely hilarious! Cats can be both very independent and distant and also very needy and affectionate at the same time, but we love them exactly because of that!

1-This cat seems determined to make himself accepted in this household!

2-Anything for the treats!

3-It's impossible to get rid of them especially when they're this adorable!

4-Now you have a cat and a litter of kittens!

5-Apparently, cats have a thing for students and laptops

6-It seems like now you have a cat!

7-Perhaps he was just chilling on the couch

8-He wants food too!

9-Your friendly neighborhood cat!

10-That expression on the cat's face, though!

11-You can't say no to this adorable fluffball!

12-And suddenly, you have four cats!

13-Making himself home straight away

14-He found the absolute best spot for a nap!

15-It seems like this cat also has its own ideas about decoration!