These Cats Are So Great At Human Impersonations That Their Talent Will Baffle You

We humans always separate ourselves from other creatures, thinking that we are the most intelligent and developed life form on our planet, but it turns out that cats can behave just like us in certain situations! There are even lots of scientific studies proving that cats start to act like their owners over time. And if you are a cat owner yourself, you probably already know that. So today, we are giving you this list of cats who behave and act just like us. Actually, they are so good at impersonating us that it's kind of unsettling. We are sure you're going to be baffled after seeing these furballs! Check their adorable photos out in the gallery below!

1- So apparently, cats can stand on their two feet just like we do!

2- We can't blame you for not liking the taste of broccoli, you little fluffball

3- The face you pull when your friends don't show up for your birthday party

4- This cat is showing off her modeling skills!

5- Cats got talent?

6- They love cartoons do! And bonus points for what they are watching

7- Thousand yard stare

8- He needs some time before he gets good at driving, it seems

9- Flashdance, but the lead actress is a cat

10- 'Who the hell is this and what's he doing in our house, Karen?!'

11- 'What's the point of existence?'

12- Fluffball is just feeling very lazy today

13- Another singing performance

14- Waiting for the dinner like a true lady

15- She looks so traumatized that we're sad about it!

16- A cat as your podcast guest? That's the most brilliant idea we've ever heard!

17- Can you say no to that face? No, no, you can't

18- Perhaps it's been a rough day for this one

19- Working on his new novel