These Hilarious Cats Who Got Caught Red-Handed Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We think we can all agree on the fact that cats are sophisticated, elegant, and beautiful creatures. However, they are also the masters of mischief, they love snacking a bit too much, and they are actually goofy as hell! Because of these contradictory traits they have, we love catching them on their funniest moments and sharing those on the internet. Just a quick Google search will provide you with tons of adorable cats doing not-so-elegant things! Since we all love this kind of cat content and we just want more and more of it, here are some new ones that we handpicked just for you!

1- This cat is terribly in need of his morning coffee right meow!

2- 'I'm not your selfie accessory!'

3- What kind of weird position is this?!

4- That face is scary, to be honest

5- This little guy is not happy about getting soaked, it seems

6- Aww, this poor bunny, though

7- Smile for the camera!

8- We don't know what his owner did to get this cat so mad, but we know that he should expect the worst!

9- Loving the yogurt a bit too much

10- There's nothing elegant about this one

11- So adorable!

12- It's not always fun to have a cat

13- He needs to get his core strengthened

14- Having some quality couple time

15- The face of a cat whose sleep is ruined!