These Cat Drawings Are So Simple And Silly And Yet So Accurate And You Will Absolutely Love Them

Cats come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and even forms! You have skinny ones that look weak but they just eat all day and they turn out to be the healthiest cats you've ever seen! Or some of them can be very fluffy and chubby and you just can't help it when you feel like squeezing them. We should warn you, though, those cats can actually be very aggressive and they don't usually want you to touch them. They can be very unstable, and there are lots and lots of cat and cat behaviors that we can't even begin to mention all of them here. Their most important feature, however, is their liquid bodies, as most of us already know! They can easily take the shape of any container they manage to squeeze their bodies in and the results are both hilarious and fascinating. Now we are going to tell you about this Instagram account called "dailypurr" that shares "stupid cat drawings" on a daily basis. They usually draw famous cats we all know from funny memes, but they also share the drawings of some submissions from their followers. Here in this gallery, we have compiled some of their most hilarious works. Scroll down and enjoy!

1-Furball being overdramatic

2-That was what we meant when we said cats have liquid bodies!

3-An interesting pose

4-Where did its back legs go?!

5-Looking satisfied with its life!

6-Adorable goofball!

7-Aww, look how innocent this one looks!

8-That's an unusual position for a cat to sleep in!

9-It's incredible they are capable of doing this!

30-Is this an attempt at paw shake?

31-Enjoying the sun

32-'Oh, I wasn't expecting to see you!'

33-Toe beans and a huge belly? You won our hearts, little buddy

34-Another long cat

35-Surprised cat loaf!

36- Planning something mischievous, it seems

37-You need to be careful when getting close to this one!

38-Cozy in his place

39-'Go on, I'm listening to you'

40-Chonky is sleepy

41-It's hard to groom yourself when you're this fluffy!

42-Very comfortable!

43-We didn't know you can also have a square-shaped cat!

44-That expression is just so cute!

45-That's not his best angle

46-This cat's sitting human impression is very on point!

47-We want to sleep so peacefully as well!

48-We can't tell if those glasses are too big or his face is too small!

49-Sad kitty is sad