These Photos Of Cats Hiding From The Vet Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We don't really like going to the doctor's office since no one just casually pays a doctor a visit, but we go there when we are not feeling our best. However, we, humans, accept the fact that seeing a doctor when we need is for our own benefit, but our pets are completely unaware of that when it comes to taking them to the vet! If you are a pet owner and if you have ever taken your pet to the vet you probably know how painful and challenging the whole experience can be. Cats are especially hard to deal with since they are already acting overdramatic in most situations! When you just want them to be in their best health, your cat may hiss, cry, and most importantly, try to hide from you! In this list, you are going to find some of the most hilarious examples of cats that are trying their best to hide from their vet. Enjoy!

1-Below is the tweet that started it all. That woman named Ashly Perez took her cat to the vet one day and the whole thing was...well, it could've gone smoother.

2-Just look at it

3-The cat truly deserves some credit for trying that hard

4-kind of too fluffy for that tiny hole, though

5-Ashly's tweet got viral in no time and more people started to share their experience with taking their cats to the vet

6-They even started to post photos of their own cats trying to hide from the vet!

7-It seems like sinks are one of the most common places cats choose to hide at a vet's office

8-This cat is so proud of himself thinking he did a good job when it comes to hiding!

9-This one just tries to disappear, we are guessing

10-Well this sharp contrast doesn't really work for this cat's benefit here, right?

11-Almost succeded...we said 'almost'.

12-Some prefer places that are really hard to reach

13-If it wasn't for his glaring eyes, this cat could have succeeded.

14-Seems like it is time to go on a diet

15-This one doesn't seem entertained

16-This kitty must be so proud of its liquid body!

17-This furball is so adorable, though!

18-Can easily be mistaken for a rug, don't you agree?

19-It's even hard to tell this is a cat!