These Posts Will Show You That Cats Actually Own The Internet And Our Planet

Have you ever stopped to think for a second about why we are so addicted to our phones and the internet? Well, we don't know what your answer is to that question, but according to us, it's all about the abundance of cat content on the internet! Cats seem to be the center of attention on the internet and you can find their adorable photos, hilarious videos, or creative memes in every corner. They just provide endless fun for everyone from all age groups and let's just admit it, there's nothing better you can find on the internet than cat stuff! So, we are here to provide you with even more cat content! Thank us later.

1-The gang is all together now!

2-Those paws are so adorable!

3-That's a weird hobby this cat here has!

4-We can't get over how cute these two are

5-Clear boxes are definitely better than cardboard boxes because you get to see their goofy facial expressions!

6-Interesting choice for a cat toy

7-That looks kind of unsettling