Photos of the Leopard and Panther Couple Are Worth Seeing

Wildlife photographer Mithun H has a special interest in big cats. He spends a lot of time and takes photos at the Kabini Forest Reserve in Karnataka, India. 

After patiently waiting for a while, he managed to take pictures of the female leopard and the male black panther. The photographer said he has been observing the leopard Cleopatra for 12 years. 

He had photographed Saaya and Cleopatra, who had lived together for four years, several times before. However, this time he tried to take photos by waiting in the same place for 6 days. When the moment came, the couple looked at the camera and almost posed.

Mithun is happy to seize this opportunity, possibly once in a lifetime. He even says he can give 6 years for such a moment. Years of experience on this subject have come in handy here.

Aiming to raise awareness about the protection of leopards, the photographer thinks these animals are misunderstood. He wants the beauty of these wonderful cats to be seen by everyone.