Meet Cashnip Kitty, The Office Cat That’s Been Snatching Money From Passersby

It’s easy to say this office cat has a unique talent. He snatches money from people! While other cats enjoy catnip, he has a strong fondness for cash. He takes money from passersby and uses it for something that actually matters.

So, this is the story of CASHnip Kitty.

CASHnip Kitty is an office pet at GuRuStu, which is a marketing firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He may look like an ordinary office kitty at first glance, but this smart cat has quite a talent that took his humans by surprise. CASHnip Kitty was adopted by the company from the Tulsa Animal Shelter when he was roughly six months old. “They said they found him wandering around in an open space. He was a stray cat before coming to live with us,” the owner of the company, Stuart McDaniel, said. The charming tabby quickly solved the company’s pest issue and has managed to keep all the mice and critters at bay since. He’s definitely a crucial part of the team now and a brilliant supervisor.

“He spends time with everyone at the office and usually walks on our keyboards and even sends e-mails accidentally before we get a chance to finish them!” Approximately a month ago, Stuart and his team found a couple of random dollar bills lying near the door. The money kept coming in and they had no idea where the cash came from.

“Our buildings are located in one of the entertainment districts in downtown Tulsa, and a lot of people come and go by our door every day,” Stuart said. It was just bizarre and no one could explain why the money was there until they decided to test a theory. “We thought people were probably using dollars to play with our cat through the door and he snatched their money.”

“So we managed to find the culprit.” The secret was revealed, and the team decided to use the cat’s weird talent for something good.

They put up a poster for all the people to see. “This is CASHnip Kitty. Although he is a hustler, he has a philanthropic heart. He will take your money and donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. So, ‘slide a dollar through the slot and good things will come to you,’ says CASHnip Kitty. If you want to see more of him, search #CashnipKitty on Facebook.”

“Since we are in the downtown area, we get to see a lot of homeless people pass by our window as they walk to the various nonprofit agencies who provide them stuff, such as the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. It’s not an easy thing to witness,” said Stuart.

“A lot of these homeless people take their time to play with our cat through the front window. They are kind people and they just want to tap the glass and say hi to our cat. That’s why we wanted to donate CASHnip Kitty’s dollars to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.”

When CASHnip Kitty was younger, he would whine until someone picked him up so his name back then was Sir Whines A Lot. He is a two-year-old cat now!

Luckily, he has a good life as an office cat now, and he is returning the favor by helping humans in need.

You can find his adorable videos and pictures below, and if you’re interested, this adorable kitty also has a Facebook page!