This Woman Shares The Photos Of Her Majestic Maine Coon Cat Online And You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With Them

Some people love big dogs, and some people love big cats! Cats are fluffy and adorable regardless of their sizes but this one we're going to talk about today is absolutely enormous! This cat is named Lotus and she already is a celebrity on Instagram. Lotus is so big because she is a Maine Coon and her owner has an Instagram page dedicated to Maine Coon cats. What's so unique about Lotus is that the cat is incredibly photogenic too. We can't deny the fact that Lotus' owner is a really talented photographer and we are grateful that these two are collaborating on some gorgeous photos. Check out some of Lotus' amazing photos in the gallery below!

1- This is Lotus!

2- We are all crazy for cat photos, but do you know what's even better? Cats posing in front of perfect landscapes!

3- You can clearly see how big Lotus really is in this photo!

4- Apparently, Lotus is a good cook too!

5- All that adorable fluff, though!

6- Lotus with a fellow Maine Coon cat

7- If you want to see more of Lotus and her adventures, you can follow her on Instagram @lotus_the_mainecoon