This Paralyzed Kitten Will Win Your Heart With Her Heartwarming Story

This poor cat was brought to the vet by a feral cat colony caretaker from Arizona last month. Since she was hit by a car when she ran across the street, she was left with paralyzed hind legs.

She was taken in by Pima Animal Care Center and was given to a temporary foster care volunteer so that she could get the help she needed. Even though she was paralyzed, this cute cat named Giselle was very calm and sweet the entire time, probably because she trusted the people at the care center. She was given to the founder of With Grace, Danielle, as she needed an experienced foster parent to take care of her. Since Danielle is living in Las Vegas, Giselle was transported to her in early December with the help of Leanne M. who volunteers for SWATT Rescue.

Danielle said that so many people tried to help Giselle, so they actually managed to make a great change. “When I first met Giselle, I felt that she was a very unique cat. She looked up at me with those adorable eyes and my heart just melted.”

Giselle was given to a room in Danielle’s house and after a quick tour, she started to move around and play using her front legs. “She is the sweetest kitten I’ve ever fostered. She is very mild-mannered, and it’s impossible to not love her.”

Even though Giselle is a very tiny cat and weighs only one and a half pounds, she is a warrior and she is determined to do all the things other regular cats can. “She doesn’t think herself as different from the other cats. We are now trying to teach her how to use ramps to get up on furniture so that she doesn’t feel like she is not capable of doing so and can go anywhere she wants.”

“When we are not cuddling, you can find her around the house playing with her toys. It’s very interesting to observe her relationship with the other cats we have here (one of them is also paralyzed) since she doesn’t force herself on them as most other cats do.”

“She is very empathetic and she knows that other cats need time to warm up to her. Her personality is very different, so I really enjoy watching her.” Because of her paralysis, Giselle can’t use the litter box so she needs some assistance from Danielle a couple of times a day. This is the only time she needs help, though, and she is doing just fine other than that.

Giselle got very excited when she saw a Christmas tree for the first time. She got so curious that she even inspected its branches! The little cat is very stubborn when it comes to achieving whatever she wants to achieve, and she never lets anything stop her.

Even though she didn’t always a lucky life, this cute kitten is having a good time now, and getting stronger every day.

She still needs a lot of care and she needs to improve her situation before she is finally suitable for adoption. But for now, everything seems to be just fine for her.