The Bond Between This Kitten And Her Rescuer Will Make You Cry

Recently, a family of four kittens was brought to the municipal shelter in Las Vegas, and they needed to be helped. 

The one called Pawly was the weakest of these four kittens. Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe decided to take them in and provided them with foster care.

While Pawly’s siblings were enjoying their lives since they were given a loving caretaker and a nice home environment, Pawly was clearly struggling and she wasn’t showing any improvements. That was when Patricia Lika, a foster volunteer who specializes in kitten care, decided to involve and help Pawly. Patricia was reached by the kittens’ foster mom as she felt like she had to do what’s best for Pawly.

When Patricia first met Pawly, she was very weak and skinny. She was suffering from an upper respiratory infection, and she had extremely low blood levels. Patricia immediately started to give her antibiotics and put her into intensive care. However, she was still worried that Pawly wouldn’t be able to make it. Pawly weighed only half of a pound when she was six weeks old. Even though everyone was concerned about her situation, Pawly did her best to survive and get better. Patricia arranged a space for her in her bedroom so that she could keep an eye on Pawly at all times.

Patricia said the kitten was so sweet and well-mannered and she was purring all night long. Since she was born with a back paw missing, they named her Pawly. After several days of intensive care, Pawly started to show some serious improvement. She was so excited about her improvement that she started to jump and run around all day.

Patricia added that as soon as little Pawly realized that she was getting better, she started to feel much more energetic and move around freely. Pawly is so fond of her foster mom and she follows her everywhere around the house.

Pawly wakes Patricia up every morning, and they play games together like hide and seek, snuggle up, and then at night, Pawly sleeps next to Patricia. Even though she only has three paws, Pawly still plays and walks around like the other cats.

According to Patricia, Pawly is very social and she loves dogs. Even though she is missing a paw, she is a very good climber too! Patricia adds that Pawly follows her and her dog anywhere. She has a couple of favorite toys and she really loves cuddles.

“Pawly really managed to survive through all her problems. She is such a lovely cat and she always makes me smile. She loves jumping on my bed and hiding behind the pillows. She is quite playful, and she can give you high fives.” Pawly is the perfect companion for Patricia as she is always curious about what she’s doing and she listens to Patricia whenever she feels like talking to her.

She also loves surprising Patricia with cute kitten attacks every now and then. She hides somewhere and quietly plans her attack on Patricia thinking she doesn’t see her. Pawly follows Patricia to the bathroom too, and offers her a helping hand when she is fresh out of the shower.

Patricia is absolutely sure that Pawly is going to make a family very happy one day when she finally finds herself a forever home.

Little Pawly is now enjoying her life as an indoor cat and waiting to finally have a family that is going to love her forever.