This Little Girl Always Sleeps With Her Kitten

The connection between this little girl and her cat is so strong that, her parents gave her the nickname ‘the cat whisperer’. They became best friends the moment they met for the first time! “My daughter adores cats and they adore her. She has a special gift that allows her to make cats feel comfortable around her,” wrote the girl’s dad. “Our last cat didn’t even want me nearby but purred when she petted it. It’s a bit of a bummer for me, but I guess I need to accept that she is a cat whisperer.” So, the parents decided to take photos of them together. They’ve grown together over the course of years, and their friendship becomes stronger than ever.

These two became very best friends the moment they first met.

They’ve been taking naps together ever since this girl was just a baby.

So, the parents felt inspired to take pictures of them together.

Here, you see them playing together

They’ve both grown up, but their friendship remains just the same

The parents want to keep on taking pictures of them together to document their bond

“We think that she is gifted and cats just feel better and calmer around her”

“Our daughter loves cats and they love her back”

“The last cat didn’t want me near it, but purred when she petted her.”

“Even though I’m kind of jealous, I have to accept that she is the cat whisperer.”