This Guy Makes A Battle Armor For His Cat Using A 3D Printer And It's So Cool

Cats are fierce predators, we all need to accept that. They could eat us if they were bigger than us in size. So, in order to honor the warrior in his house cat, this guy decided to make a battle armor for his cat using a 3D printer. This user named Jwall from a 3D printing forum decided to use this impressive technology to actually build a warrior armor for his cat. Yeah, we know it sounds kind of bizarre. Apparently, the whole design can be built with completely 3D printable parts. If you also want your cat to have a battle armor but you're not really accustomed to the 3D printing technology, don't worry. Jwall also offers help for you on his webpage.

1-So this is the fierce warrior in question.

Fluffy but savage!

Fluffy but savage!

"First of all, we made a drawing of the armor and decided how we wanted it to look," said Jwall. "I wanted to add spikes to it because I always pet Bobo in a reverse pattern so his hair gets tangled up and he ends up looking like a spiky tiger." The armor is also suitable for daily use as one of the plates has a tiny hole for a leash and there's a name tag attached to the breastplate. So even if your cat does end up in a battle, you can be sure it'll be back home to you safe and sound.

3-The armor also has a lot of awesome details like this skull

4-Bobo almost looks like a character from Mad Max!

5-Check out these cool details!

6-Bobo is absolutely glorious!