This Cat Has A Reputation For Being The Most “Unusual” Cat In The World

Meet Veronika. 

She is from Russia and she has been thinking of adopting a cat for the longest time. And then she crossed paths with Yvette.

She searched for a lot of adoption ads to find the most perfect cat for herself. And then one day, she came across Yvette who has very unique fur markings.

When Veronika went to meet Yvette, she learned about her background a little bit too. Apparently, the cat’s parents were Scottish Folds-one orange and one grey. So, both of their genes carrying their markings had been passed on to this charming kitten.

Veronika said, “There were several kittens but this one stood out immediately.”

She is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. Yvette is a very affectionate girl and she can get along well with children. She is also ridiculously friendly!

Veronika says Yvette is also a very funny cat. “She always meets everyone on the doorstep and loves stealing food from the table.”

The kitty has gained quite popularity on the internet. She has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram.

This is not surprising especially considering she is an amazing model!

Veronika said it can be tricky to capture the right moment when photographing Yvette since she has a very hard look. She added that sometimes she actually looks so pissed off.