This Adorable Chonker From Russia And His Brilliant Photos In The Snow Will Brighten Your Mood Today

To be honest, everything wasn’t perfect right from the start for this cute cat from Russia. The poor thing had been living on the streets, fighting for all the food he could find, and finding shelter wherever he could. “We came across him around the entrance of our house,” said the cat’s current owners. “He looked like he didn’t have the necessary skills to survive outside, so we assumed he was a house cat. He would just sit at the same spot for long periods of time.” The family tried all they could to find the cat’s owners but no one showed up so they decided to take him in.

“We decided to call him Ginger because we also have another black cat that we call Mr. Black.” Lucky for the family, two cats really got on well from the get-go! Ginger has a warm and loving home now, however, you still can see his old, troubled days have hardened him. Ginger usually spends his time chilling in the family’s backyard, enjoying the snow, and exploring his environment.

“He is just too adorable. He loves to spend time with us and I think he really knows how to enjoy life because it seems like he’s trying to savor every moment.” According to Ginger’s owners, he likes staying at home rather than going out, but sometimes he willingly goes outside as well. “He doesn’t mind if it’s snowy; Ginger likes to explore his surroundings in the winter as well. He actually enjoys playing with the snow. However, those games usually don’t last long and he ends up running back home for some warmth.”

His owners also claim that the adorable chonker is a bit of a troll. “When he is patrolling his territory he likes getting other cats and dogs kind of mad. He usually teases them, for example, when a dog starts to bark at him he just sits in front of the fence and stares at the dog.” Ginger loves summertime as well. As his owners spend their time mostly out in the garden during this time of the year, he likes to observe them and see what they’re doing. But sometimes he destroys the garden beds!