These Ultra Charming Cats Will Help You Get You Through The Day

Most people find cats therapeutic, they are just the perfect companions imaginable for a lot of us. Even their existence is enough to lift up someone's mood, but mostly they will only respond to your loving gestures and affection when they feel like it, and that may be rarer than you think. Despite all this, we love them dearly, and even a tiny reaction from them is more than enough to drive us absolutely crazy. We just have a complicated relationship with cats, we admit. So, we have prepared this list for you fellow cat lovers. You're going to find everything you love about cats and even more! Check these adorable and fluffy felines for yourselves below!

1-She looks awesome with that headband!

2-This cat has some insane posing skills, don't you think?

3-This cheeky little brat, though!

4-This cat has a better career than most of us!

5-He looks absolutely terrified

6- This adorable kitty couple is having an intimate time