These Cats High On Catnip Are The Most Hilarious Things You Will See Today

Thanks to social media, we get to see more and more cute animals whenever we want to, and still, it seems like we can’t get enough of them! The photographer who took these brilliant photos, 

Andrew Martilla, was once allergic to cats. However, nowadays, he is spending his time with his girlfriend and their three cats. 

They are taking care of foster kittens outside D.C., as well. 

The professional animal photographer is now a self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat dad’, and he has been featured in lots of publications, articles, and galleries, and he also took photos for the book “Shop Cats Of New York”.

 If you are a cat lover, you’re going to love his work! He recently finished another project about cats, which shows kittens high on catnip and their goofy expressions, and the photos are absolutely adorable!

 If you’re worried about the effects of catnip on cats, we can say that the herb is completely safe for cats, and its effects only last for a couple of minutes

Catnip causes different reactions in each cat, so it’s hard to tell something for certain when it comes to that. Andrew compiled these photos in a book titled “Cats On Catnip” if you want to see more of his works.

 He says he enjoyed this project so much and he believes that people will also find themselves smiling while looking at the adorable photos of these silly cats.