These Hilarious And Adorable Pictures Of Cats Will Brighten Your Mood Today

We love cats and we simply can’t get enough of them! While cats aren’t aware of their social media fame, their owners keep sharing their cats’ adorable pictures on the internet and we’re glad they do since they always make us feel better and put a smile on our faces. If you are a cat lover just like us, you’ll absolutely love our list here. Scroll down and see these adorable cat pictures for yourself to feel a bit better for the rest of your day.

When you don’t know what to do and find yourself thinking about your life while staring into the abyss

‘Oh hi, there! Why don’t you take a break from looking at these screens and play with me instead?’

This cat is not happy because her neighbor’s new microchip cat flap prevents her from stealing their breakfast!

‘Isn’t it boring to look at the screens all the time?’

We don’t know what this cat is trying to do, either

Flexibility check!

We hope that this cat has learned its lesson

Her owner must be very fond of her

Preparing for a sneaky attack

Takes two to tango, they say

It believes it can fly

Putting a cat on top of your glass table? Brilliant idea, indeed

Just a cat practicing ballet, nothing unusual

This one seems like he has spent the majority of his life around humans

‘Oh, I...was just testing to see if this bowl is actually good for putting food in it’

This cat decided to watch his owner chopping onions. This is the result.

Look at that adorable expression!

Despite their different personalities, they’re still best friends

This cat definitely has a bright future in Hollywood!