10+ Cats That Think They Are Plants

If you are a cat owner, you probably already noticed your cats have a thing for plant pots and they really enjoy spending their time laying in them! But if you didn’t know about this fact before, our list here will be very amusing for you! Here in this list, we are going to give you 10+ examples of cats who think of themselves as plants while having their best lives in plant pots. Please be careful the next time you decide to water your plants and scroll down to enjoy our list!

This is not how cats supposed to grow

Do not ever water this plant

This is this cat’s favorite spot to chill

This cat seems like he doesn’t even care

That smile is so adorable, though!

Look how fluffy this plant is!

This must be a rare plant species

They built their own playground!

“This cat is always sleeping in this pot in front of my office.”

This cat prefers sleeping in this plant pot rather than sleeping in its bed!

Neighborhood amongst cats!

Spot the kitty in the picture

Seems like this kitty managed to find itself a comfortable place

’Yeah, I’ll just nap here for 5 minutes’

Somebody should tell this cat that the pot isn’t for her

Look how peaceful this cat looks, though!

‘I’m sure we can share this bed with the plants here’

Those adorable paws!

This chonker can’t fit in only one pot

Some weird plants you have there!

This cat almost looks like a statue!

Trying to wake up after a long nap

A black and a white flower in the same pot

That’s probably this kitty’s best plant impression

Adorable cats snuggling up together

A furry venus flytrap?

‘Yes, I decided to sit here today, so what?’

This pot is definitely made for this cat!

She looks so comfortable sleeping there

This kitty is just trying a new yoga pose

Well, apparently we don’t have a place for the plants anymore

Those eyes, though!

Just a kitty thinking how its life would be if it was a plant

It’s a nice day to get some vitamin-D

“This is our neighborhood cat. He spends his time napping in this pot most of the time”

‘Oh! I didn’t expect to see you here!’

There’s room for both the cats and the plant!

Those toe beans are killing us!

‘Oh, hi! Would you like to join me?’

This cat may be a bit too big for this plant pot