These Adoption Stories Where The Cat Gets To Choose Its Owner Will Melt Your Heart

We all have different personalities and different lives, but one thing we have in common is our love for cats. It's no secret that we really, and we mean, REALLY do love cats here, and you're here because you know where to find your quality cat content! That's why we decided to share some of the most beautiful and heartwarming adoption stories where cats get to choose their families. It's truly a unique feeling to adopt a cat, and when a cat just walks up to you and decides to stay with you, you end up feeling even more blessed. So, we are sure you're going to love our list and find these stories very inspiring. Just scroll down and enjoy!

1-We're glad he doesn't feel cold anymore

2-He is an angel now...We're going to meet again, you little angel.

3-He is just too adorable, though!

4-He definitely has that dominant aura

5-Well, maybe you'll get to adopt a black cat the next time!

6-Is she complaining about it? We don't think so

7-That's the face of a spoiled kitty, for sure!

8-Look who is laughing now, eh?

9-Cats and their long, long naps!

10-Can't say no to such a charming kitty!

11-Remember, anyone that says they don't like cats have never had a chance to spend time with them before!

12-The cat chose the best for her and her family!

13- Look at his giant belly now!

14-He is offering his owner his precious company as a way to say 'thank you'.

15-Oh, Ripley, you're simply purrfect!

16-It's always so sad when we hear stories like this

17-Pumpkin has the best life now

18-The perfect Christmas gift

19-From freezing and starving to the happy little fluffball!

20-We are sure Harvey would also be happy that another cat was helped

21-Every end is a new beginning

22-We are sure the cat agrees

23-A cat named Pumpkin showed up at your door on Halloween night? We can't think of a better story

24-Look at those tiny vampire teeth!

25-Misha the gamer cat!

26-Mick was an excellent fighter...and now he is an adorable muncher!

27-This cute-faced kitty is spayed/neutered as you can see from her clipped ear. The more you learn, right?

28-The best drunken decision ever!

29-We want an affectionate cat like this one, right now!

30-He is now a family cat!

31- Every person IS a cat person!