If You Need A Laugh Today, Here Are Some Of The Funniest Cat Memes On The Internet For You

We, cat lovers, mainly use the internet to explore funny cat memes and this has been the case for a very long time. Even the people that are claiming they are not fond of cats find these memes hilarious and they love looking at these silly cats! Cats are very unique creatures and while they mostly look cool and distant, they can be the silliest, most adorable animals in the entire world at times! They are also most definitely our best friends, and you can find yourself enjoying your cat's company more than your human friends (and that's totally okay, don't feel bad about it, we are not going to tell your friends). So here, we have compiled a list of the most hilarious cat memes on the internet just for you! Scroll down and enjoy!

1-Curiosity makes this cat even more adorable, we say!

2-How did that happen, though?!

3-She seems to find the most perfect spot to chill, we must admit

4-Nailed it

5-Real-life Toothless

6-This cat has mastered the art of disguise

7-We want to cuddle them both!

8-Wiggle wiggle wiggle

9-Maybe a bit too chubby to play with that

10-Well, this photo definitely worth a taco...or maybe even more, to be honest!

11-Why so sad, though?

12-She wants to stay there, though. She just doesn't want the water!

13-Get ready for a sneaky cat attack!

14-Yes, yes, we most definitely love Hobbes!

15-Who would've thought a pair of glasses could be this fun?

16-That right here is the face of a happy kitty!

17-The name, those eyes...

18-Maybe you should let your cat know when you decide to take a photo