Surreal Photo Manipulations By Zulkarnain Ismail That Challenge Logic

In the digital age, photoshop is a mighty tool that brings imagination to life by creating supernatural perceptions that challenge our logic. 

However, nowadays, almost everyone is using photoshop programs, yet not everyone can use photoshop like artists who continue to blur the line between reality and fiction and also encourage us to think outside the box!

Malaysian digital artist Zulkarnain Ismail is one of those artists who can create unprecedented images. He draws inspiration from photography, and nature is one of the main subjects of his art. His skill set is absolutely incredible! 

Somehow he manages to combine different images into surreal compositions. In fact, when you look at his works, it seems as if he manipulates the realities of nature into a whole new world! 

We suggest to you to explore the world through the eyes of Zulkarnain Ismail by scrolling through his incredible photo manipulations!